Adding Unique Festive Touches: Holiday Decorating Ideas To Try

Christmas is the time of celebration, good times, and family, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than decorating your home? You can do many things to make your household feel cozy, decorative, and festive to create a fantastic holiday atmosphere for guests and family to enjoy.

Below are some decoration ideas that can help you add a lovely festive touch to your home that makes it blend in with the holiday theme perfectly — giving you and your family a fun place to hang out to enjoy the festive season to the fullest.

Renovate a Room for Family or Guests

Traveling during the holidays can be tiresome, but you can do your part by making your family and friends feel comfortable by applying for personal loans to renovate spare rooms like the attic or an old children’s room into a cozy haven.

Besides that, adding some cheerful touches in their rooms such as miniature evergreen trees in pots on their nightstands and adorning their headboards with garlands can help them relax and enjoy a blown holiday welcome.

Light Up Your Home with Silver and Glass

Silver bells and silvered glasses are a staple with the festive season, making holidays shinier and more vibrant. Place your silver and glass votives on top of a tray, put it on your fireplace, or by windows to cast a magical glow during the evening throughout your home. If you’re looking for a unique showpiece, invest in a couple of glass silver candleholders and place pinecones on top of them, giving a touch of elegance in your festive home.

Don’t Neglect The Bathroom

Although bathrooms tend to be a smaller space, it’s a room that every guest is more than likely to go into during their visits. Make it festive by adding flameless candles and seasonal metallic accents like silver ribbons that complement the fixtures. If you have shower curtains or use a rug inside the bathroom, make sure to replace them with seasonal decorative versions of those items.

parent and child setting up christmas tree

Bring Ornaments Beyond Your Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree isn’t only the place you can display gorgeous ornaments, and there’s no better way to add a bit of festive touch and Christmas cheer than with a bowl filled with colorful ornaments. It’s a simple way to use leftover ornaments, helping you add more color to your home. Another way you can use ornaments is by dangling them along a stairway railing or curtain rods in your living room — it’s a unique way of bringing focus and holiday spirits to unlikely spaces.

Emphasize Greenery

Wreaths are synonymous with the holidays, so why should you limit placing them on your front door and over your mantle? Hang additional wreaths around over your windows indoors, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom to add more nature to your house. Additionally, besides your Christmas tree, decorate your house plants with small ornaments to make the greenery inside your home ‘pop out’ more, providing refreshing and festive vibes through and through your home.

Even if it’s still a month away, planning in advance regarding holiday decorations can mean less stress as those months turn to weeks, helping you ensure everything is in place before the holidays hit. Make the festive season more special by incorporating the mentioned decoration ideas into your home, giving you and your family the perfect ambiance alongside good food and fun times.

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