COVID-19 Marketing Challenges Facing Commercial Real Estate Owners

What buyers and tenants want these days are completely different pre-pandemic. Before COVID-19, people were not bothered by social gatherings. Now, they want more privacy, more space, and a safer and healthier environment. Health, safety, and comfort are of the highest priorities, and commercial real estate owners are struggling to keep up. But since these are the demands, needs, and expectations of consumers, you have no choice but to keep pace. Does your commercial property need more tenants or maybe you plan on selling your real estate? Then you can face unique marketing challenges uncommon before the pandemic. Three of them are as follows along with possible solutions you can use to deal with each one.

Getting Quality Leads

People are using internet research to find commercial properties to buy or rent. With pandemic, many are comparing and shortlisting properties online before touring the property. This meant there is a need to step up your online marketing game so that you can stay competitive in the market. Now, a simple website, a few blogs, and a couple of quality listings are not enough to stand out. All your competitors are showing off their properties online and are raking reviews. If you don’t do the same, you can end up losing quality buyers or tenants.

There are now many ways to improve your commercial property’s marketing tactics. One good way to attract and engage quality leads is by investing in a remarkable corporate video production services. You can also add virtual tours if you still haven’t used such tactics before.

Don’t take social media marketing, email marketing, and local search engine optimization for granted. With a power online marketing strategy, you can boost your reach and entice active investors into your business.

Keeping Up With Tenant Demands and Expectations

If you’re always updated with the latest news in your industry, you’ll know what your target audiences want and need. Know that people want greater comfort, a safer environment, and responsible management. Don’t just simply try to keep these in mind.

Make sure you actually put up an effort to cater to your target audience’s expectations. If you have the budget, it would be wise to invest in things that can make their needs and demands into reality.

You can start making the necessary improvements that’ll cater to tenant or buyer needs. For example, you can invest in a new and more eco-friendly HVAC system. This will help you to improve the air quality inside your building.

Such investment helps improve the health inside the building. This can reduce the chances of mold spores, dust, bacteria, and viruses from circulating throughout your HVAC system. A new system also allows you to increase your energy-savings by reducing your energy usage.

Private outdoor amenities are a new increasing demand in real estate. Since social distancing is advised, many now fear of getting the virus in communal areas. Instead of shared gathering areas, you can consider improving the outdoor amenities for each unit such as adding ergonomic furniture on balconies.

Maintaining Public Health and Safety


The health and safety of everyone going in and out of your property have never been this important. You want to ensure the building is compliant with new start health and safety rules. This can include regular disinfection of the building and hiring professional COVID-19 cleaning services.

Cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation must be a transparent activity. This will give current tenants and employees peace of mind and at the same time, impresses your leads knowing you’re serious about keeping the area safe. Aside from that, you can leverage technology to better protect your employees and tenants as well as potential tenants and buyers.

Before you even entertain leads and allow them to see the property in person, let them book an appointment first. You can benefit from requiring them to sign a waiver. Tell them your conditions before stepping foot inside the property.

Some feel uncomfortable with this. But you can assure them that you are only taking extra precautions for the sake of everyone inside the building.

As part of your game plan in improving public health and safety inside your property, you can consider investing in touchless technologies. This can include touchless alcohol or sanitizer dispenser, motion-sensor faucets, foot pedals in escalators, automatic doors, and even no-contact temperature check stations. All these are attractive improvements and upgrade you can add to your building to lure your ideal audiences.

Although some industries are thriving thanks to the Covid-19 crisis, commercial real estate is unfortunate enough to bear the weight of the other side of the scale. Marketing your property has never been this critical. If you want to gain quality leads, then you will need to be innovative and incorporate technology into your marketing tactic.

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