Creating a Professional Moving Company: Where to Invest

  • Starting a moving company is profitable due to the growth of the US moving market.
  • Hiring well-trained staff is essential to provide high-quality service and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Professional movers require quality equipment to ensure safe and efficient moves, including heavy object lifters, high-quality straps, and loading ramps.
  • Professional moving companies must choose the proper transportation, such as box or semi-trucks.
  • Investing in the right places, such as quality staff, equipment, and transportation, is critical to setting up a successful moving business in a growing market.

Starting a professional moving company can be a highly profitable venture. According to recent industry statistics, the US moving market has an estimated value of $18.6 billion, with revenue growth of 2.8%. The market is expected to continue to grow due to factors such as an increase in residential moves and the development of corporate relocation services.

In addition to the overall growth of the moving market, there are several other reasons why starting a moving company can be a wise investment. For one, the profit margins in the industry are typically high. Some moving companies have been known to have as high as 60% gross margins. This is due to the relatively low overhead costs of operating a moving company.

However, starting a moving company can be a daunting task. It requires investing in the right places, which might not be evident to the untrained eye. Here are a few assets to help you get started:

Well-Trained Staff

Professional movers working for client

When starting a professional moving company, hiring well-trained staff is essential. The success of your business primarily depends on the quality of service your team provides. Customers expect a seamless and stress-free moving experience, which can only be achieved when you have a couple of professionals who know what they’re doing.

Here’s why hiring professional movers should be your number one priority:

Experience and Expertise

Professional movers have years of experience in the moving industry and understand the intricacies of moving. They know how to safely pack delicate items, hoist furniture through narrow spaces, and load items to maximize space and prevent damage. They have the expertise to handle all types of moves, whether residential or commercial, local or long-distance.

Quality of Service

A moving company that invests in professional movers demonstrates a commitment to providing a high-quality service. Professional movers understand the importance of customer satisfaction and work tirelessly to ensure every customer’s move succeeds. They are trained to handle all situations and have the necessary skills to overcome any challenges that may arise during a move.

Safety and Insurance

Professional movers are fully insured, meaning your customers’ belongings are protected in case of accidents or damages. Hiring uninsured movers puts your business at risk of liability for any damages that may occur during a move. Professional movers take safety seriously and have the equipment to move heavy or bulky items safely.


Hiring professional movers can help your business maximize efficiency. A good team of movers can reduce moving times and minimize the risk of damages or accidents. This can lead to a more streamlined operation and increased profits for your business.

Of course, you can train your movers, but nothing beats the experience and expertise of a professional mover. Investing in well-trained staff is essential for setting up a successful moving company. It sets you apart from the competition and assures customers that their items are in good hands.

Quality Equipment

Professional movers require quality equipment for several reasons. Firstly, the equipment directly impacts the movers’ safety and the items being moved. Secondly, high-quality equipment can help ensure a smooth and efficient move, increasing customer satisfaction and profits for the business.

Here are some examples of the equipment that professional movers require to provide top-notch service:

Heavy Object Lifters

Heavy object lifters are used to move heavy items safely. These include furniture, appliances, pianos, and other bulky items. Professional movers invest in high-quality two-chain leg slings for maximum stability. The tool helps evenly distribute the object’s weight, making it easier and safer to move.

High-Quality Straps

High-quality straps are essential for securing furniture and other items during a move. Professional movers use ratchet tie-down belts, which are strong enough to hold up to 800 lbs (363 kg). The straps also feature a heavy-duty buckle that won’t slip or loosen over time.

Packaging Materials

The quality of packaging materials used during a move can significantly impact the safety of items. Professional movers require high-quality packaging materials, such as moving pads, bubble wrap, and packing tape. These materials can help protect fragile items during the move, reducing the risk of damage.

Loading Ramps and Lift Gates

Loading ramps and lift gates can make loading and unloading heavy items much easier and safer. These tools can also help reduce the risk of damage to the items being moved. For example, a lift gate can safely load heavy objects onto the truck without risking damage to the item or injury to the movers.

Moving Transportation

Finally, investing in suitable transportation is a must for any professional moving company. Significant moves require reliable and spacious trucks, such as box or semi-trucks. These vehicles are designed to safely transport furniture and other heavy items without risking damage or injury to the movers.

Another transport option is renting a trailer. Trailers come in various sizes, making them suitable for small and large moves. They are typically cheaper than box or semi-trucks and can help reduce overall costs for the business.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the right places is critical to setting up a successful moving business. It requires researching the industry, understanding its needs, and investing in quality staff, equipment, and transportation. This will ensure your moving company provides top-notch service to customers while maximizing efficiency and profits for your business.

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