Dealing with Customers during the Pandemic

Even as the authorities are continuing to distribute the vaccine, businesses are also preparing for a post-pandemic world. But until that happens, business owners will still have to implement the guidelines set by the authorities.

It’s challenging to implement these guidelines, especially if many people are tired of the restrictions imposed by their respective states. Business owners can consider the following points in dealing with customers while the pandemic is not yet over.

Be Transparent

Customers will likely not follow the rules if they are not aware of them. Due to this, businesses should inform their customers of the policies of the store. They should be transparent and honest when dealing with their customers before they enter the store. A sign outside the store will ensure that the customers will not be surprised if the store personnel will implement the store rules.

Aside from being transparent with the rules and regulations implemented at the store, the business should also let the customers know if there are any delays in the availability of its products. It’s always a good idea to let the customer know if the product is on the way or the supplier is not anymore sending the product. The business should be upfront with the situation and inform the customers of any potential supply chain issues. Disruptions are possible these days due to issues on the manufacturing end. These disruptions have even affected the availability of the vaccine.

If you’re transparent and truthful with these disruptions, the customers might understand the situation and will likely remain loyal to the business. And loyal customers keep businesses going, especially if it’s financed by mortgages on several properties of the owner.

Be Firm

Even as many states have started to lift restrictions on businesses, some rules have remained. The executive order mandating the wearing of masks in federal properties strengthened states’ measures to compel people to wear masks. This was later supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that required masks in transportation hubs and public transportation.

With these orders in mind, the business should be strict in implementing state rules if customers need to wear masks when entering a store. Some customers try to talk their way out of wearing masks, but the business should be firm and implement the rule on everyone.

The business can explain to the customer that the authorities made the rules and against the law not to follow them. While some customers leave rather than wear a mask, many will admire a fair and firm business in implementing these types of rules. It will send a message that the business is looking after its customers’ and employees’ health and safety.

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Set Expectations

Setting expectations is also important so the customers will know what the business can and cannot do. If the business is thriving and performing well without any issues, it might not be true for its suppliers, who might be working doubly-hard to keep up with the orders. In these situations, there can be instances when they will fail to meet the orders on time.

Due to this, the business should let the customers understand the situation. Setting high expectations will lead to the business’s downfall if it cannot meet the customers’ demands. In these cases, it’s better to set the expectations of the customers at a reasonable level. And if the business can surpass the expectation, they will impress the customer who will eventually return to the future.

For instance, a business can remove the expedited delivery option for its customers due to the pandemic. And whenever it’s possible, it can expedite the shipment of the product without added costs. Once the customer receives the order ahead of time, he’ll be impressed and continue ordering products from the business.

Train Employees

The employees are on the frontlines of the business. So it’s only logical for the business to equip them with the tools to deal with the customers. The business can train the employees on how they can assist customers when they are at the store. It should also ensure the employees are trained to handle customers who might not want to follow the store’s rules.

A sign can help deal with some customers, but a well-trained employee effectively guides customers to the new normal way of shopping. Procedures vary from one business to another. But it’s still important to train employees on how they can deal with difficult customers.

The pandemic changed the way businesses are run. Due to this, a business needs to know how to deal with customers when it comes to following the authorities’ guidelines in light of the current situation.

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