For the Fashion-forward, What to Bring for a Ski Holiday?

So you have finally booked your ski holiday—your friends are all in, you’ve got the perfect cabin, etc. Now comes the hard part for any fashion lover—what to pack. Packing for a ski holiday is not easy. This is especially true if you’re very particular of your fashion choices, but are looking forward to skiing and getting down and dirty in the slopes. Here are some suggestions on what to pack to ensure that you can ski your heart out and still look chic at the same time.


Bring a couple of warm tops but opt for lighter fabrics that retain heat and are easy to layer. Consider woolen sweaters, jackets, and long-sleeved tops. Bring a mix of printed and plain ones that you can combine and layer over each one.


Pack some jeans, thermal leggings, and of course some ski pants. Always wear your thermal leggings under your bottoms whenever you go out, so you don’t freeze. You can also layer some tights under your thermal leggings and jeans or ski pants. You can also opt to wear your leggings under a cozy tunic or cardigan during après-ski, and pair it with high socks for an extra layer or added style. Likewise, you can bring some maxi skirts in thick fabrics and wear your thermals underneath when going out.


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A thick vest, in faux fur perhaps, and wooly cardigan will keep you warm and cozy while still looking chic. You could also opt to wear a vest underneath a comfy Bogner women’s ski jacket. The key is to bring outerwear you can mix and match and layer with everything else in your wardrobe.


Your trusty winter boots should be the first footwear you pack, but consider packing a set of fab flats or heels that you can wear for going out or when chilling inside your cabin.

Dresses (Optional)

If you love wearing dresses and must bring some along on your ski holiday, why not? When choosing dresses, opt for dresses in thicker fabrics that are fitted. You can wear a dress with jeans or your thermal leggings underneath and your boots. Or wear a dress with flats and thick tights.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

These include wool socks, gloves, scarves, eyeglasses, hat, and of course your helmet and ski goggles for skiing to ensure your safety on the slopes. At the very least, pack a couple of each, except for the goggles and helmet so that you can wear some of them out and about and some of them inside the cabin for chilling and sleeping.

Put, the items you need to pack should depend on your specific snow activities and other plans, such as going out at night for dinner or dancing. Additionally, whether you are planning on just relaxing inside your cozy cabin and having a chill evening or spending your nights out and about will significantly impact how dressed up or down you want to look, and how many outfits you need to bring.

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