Gardening: Bugs That Are On Your Side

You may writhe at the sight of spiny insects such as cockroaches, but not all of them should be feared. There are bugs out there that are on your side, ready to help out with maintaining your garden. You can still have landscape maintenance companies service your garden or lawn from time to time, but some critters are considered the unsung heroes of the plant kingdom. Pay salute to these little animals that do some tough work every day just to keep your plants safe:


The ladybug is one of the most recognizable insects out there. You would not mistake their dotted, bright red wings. Having the word “lady” in its name does not mean that this bug is going to be demure. In fact, it is quite the badass when it comes to hunting prey.

Aphids are fellow insects that feast on leaves, and being infested by them could cause you to lose some of your plants. But never fear, for the ladybugs are here to protect your garden. They will have a field day chomping on these plant-eaters, and they can consume dozens each day.


Wriggly and slimy are perfect adjectives for earthworms. If you find them disgusting, that is okay. It is good that they stay underground where they do most of their work. These annelids are known to consume dead matter, and their excrements are great for keeping the soil healthy and moist.


A lot of people may have arachnophobia or the fear of spiders, but they should thank these eight-legged freaks for keeping other harmful insects at bay. They love to prey on flies and mosquitoes, two of the most devastating bugs around.

Flies love to hang out at the filthiest places such as garbage cans and can spread germs, while mosquitoes can be carriers of illnesses such as malaria and dengue fever. Spiders may scare the wits out of you, but they sure are great at hunting and trapping their prey.


The one thing you need to be afraid of when it comes to bees is their stings. They are really painful and can even cause adverse reactions to some people. But they never bothered anyone, for all they do is just spread pollen in the air. So if you see a beehive, please leave it in peace; there could be hundreds of workers in there just minding their own business.

Praying Mantis

praying mantis

One of the coolest looking and intimidating insects around, the praying mantis is sure to spook any bug that wants to ruin your garden. It preys on fellow insects, even the ones that are larger in size. It has a huge appetite, which lets it eat a bunch of pests during its lifetime. Whether the females decapitate their mates or not is up in the air though, and it is a totally different story.

A garden should be a place that is full of life, but it can be ruined by some pesky pests. Fight fire with fire by having these bugs on your side. They will keep your greenery fresh and protect your family’s health.

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