How Involved Should You be in Relaunching Your Brand?

There are plenty of tasks to go around when relaunching a brand. Perhaps you’re a household name needing a facelift to target the younger generation. Maybe your first attempt didn’t pan out how you expected, so now you’re revamping and giving it another go. That means everything, from the logo to the website, will need to be revised to fit your new branding.

Some of the tasks fall on the in-house team, while others may be delegated to a white label SEO reseller. For those tasks you’ve decided to let an external team in Utah handle, just how hands-on can you be?

Reports, Reports, Reports

Even the least involved business owner will want to see progress reports from their chosen SEO provider. Whether you choose to read and truly understand those reports is completely up to you.

If you choose to ignore the reports and trust that your partner is working diligently, you’ll have to wait for the launch to see what the teams have been working on. In the end, you still see progress, but because you didn’t read the reports, you don’t appreciate how the teams handled setbacks or dealt with issues that cropped up along the way.

Reports are not just there to show proof of your SEO partner working hard. It’s also a way for you to be involved in the relaunching of your business. These reports may include metrics that have worked for you in the past and metrics that have not; knowledge of these will help you decide on what strategies to use in the future.


It’s not your job to be out there to market your business on your own. Isn’t that what your marketing team is for? However, choosing to be disconnected from your marketing team means you’re passing up the opportunity to know your target market and to communicate with them in a way that helps you grow leads later on. Though the brand is in its infancy, this is not an excuse for you to separate yourself from it. In fact, it’s the best time for you to introduce yourself to the world as the person behind the brand.

Until now, Mark Zuckerberg’s name is still synonymous with Facebook, and Steve Jobs still holds the title as the leader of Apple despite his death. It wouldn’t take much of your day to tweet or blog about the brand, but the gains are endless.

Green Light

employees talking

You may not be able to talk to each person who works on the relaunch, but you get updates and have the chance to give your thoughts on a decision before it’s finalized. Use this to double-check that everything is just how you want it to be.

If you’ve allowed your team to work on a new logo, give them feedback on what they’ve created, so that the final version will not have any problems. It’s better to catch a problem early on instead of them blindly working on the project and you stating your disagreement with certain elements just when everything is supposed to be ready for launch.

Don’t hesitate to express your opinions. Think of what will be best for the company. It’s what everyone else wants too, but they can’t read your mind.

You can be a passive business owner or you can be one who gets involved for the betterment of the brand. Whatever you choose may determine how successful your relaunch is.

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