Improve Team Efficiency at Work with These Collaboration Tools

Are you looking for ways to improve your team’s efficiency at work? We know how difficult it is to get everybody on the same page, but these collaboration tools should help keep them in the loop. Collaboration tools support your team of two or more individuals to accomplish a project and achieve a goal. Here are some tools that we recommend to smooth out your work processes.



Workzone is a project management software that is packed with just the right features you’ll need. It lets you standardize processes and create templates, allowing you to save time. Workzone offers visibility on which projects get done, which are lagging, and who is working on which project. This web-based software also features document sharing, with a comment area where your team can discuss changes and leave notes. It also enables project requests and generate reports for the team’s convenience.



Trello is a digital note board that you can use to track tasks in different stages of completion. It features “cards” that you can drag from stage to stage individually, enabling the team to oversee project stages. You can also include all the information of a task in the card for everyone to see. Moreover, you can add labels and deadline in each card. Trello is one option if you find project management software to be too complicated for the team.



Asana offers small teams their basic needs, so you won’t get overwhelmed with it. Here, you can assign tasks, set priorities, and create calendars in a simplified way. Asana visualizes your work by allowing you to move to multiple stages of your project. Its timeline feature lets you develop plans and monitor progress in real-time.

Cloud storage


Moving your documents to a fileserver cloud lets you collaborate on a project real-time. Access, edit, and share documents internally and with external parties without the risk of open access to a local file server. Also, it lets you access your files anytime, anywhere, on any device, when you store them in the cloud. And most importantly, it offers security and recoverability in case your laptop gets stolen, or you left your phone behind. You can remotely remove access and files so you can protect synced data from unauthorized access.



If you need an instant messenger, Slack delivers. Slack offers meeting space for everyone in the team. It allows you to communicate and share documents without the need to login into your Gmail account. Aside from being a chatroom, Slack got loads of other collaboration features that you can enjoy. This includes video or voice conference calls, built-in reminders, and push notifications, among others.



If you’re looking for a way to connect with faraway team members, is a cool option. This browser-based video conferencing tool focuses on hosting online meetings. The said tool boasts of its ease of use, which allows you to make a call in as fast as 15 seconds. You can connect with your team, customize your room, and share the screen without the hassle of setting up a video meeting every time. The abovementioned tools should help you improve your processes at work. But when choosing a tool, always consider your team’s needs and wants. Ensure everyone in the team is comfortable with the tools you are going to introduce to boost their efficiency better.

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