It Died Again: Why Does Your Phone Battery Drain So Fast?

It’s one of the biggest mysteries of smartphones: why exactly do they die so fast? Yes, some people go overboard using their tech devices, but oddly, there are times when you’ve barely touched your phone because of crazy work deadlines, and you still find it clinging to its battery life at the end of the day.

To dispel your worries and finally answer this great mystery, take a look at the possible reasons your phone dies so quickly.

Your screen is too bright

More brightness means more power consumption. If your screen’s glow is set beyond midway in the slider, that’s probably the reason your device is dying on you. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for this: crank it low. Or if you’re not comfortable with the dimness, especially when outdoors, switch on the phone’s auto-brightness feature.

Another pro tip is to switch off the Ambient Display setting. This will keep your resting phone from lighting up whenever there’s an email or social media notification. Yes, you’ll miss a new comment on your profile photo, but hey, your battery is saved—plus, you’re less distracted at work.

Your apps are infected

Malware and viruses use your phone’s battery to infect other programs. One way you can better look into this is to go to the list of your apps and see which ones are using more power. Evaluate if that app came from a legitimate source. If it didn’t, and you have no recollection where you got it, then there’s a good chance that it carries malware that causes battery issues.

In Samsung phones, you may run the Smart Manager app to detect viruses easily. Usually, when a phone is infected, it’s not just your battery that’s acting up, you’d also notice weird charges on your monthly bills and a slowdown in device’s performance.

What you can do here in the meantime is to put your phone in airplane mode so that the malicious apps won’t be able to send and receive data. From there, have it checked by experts in Samsung phone repair in Bountiful. They have special tools that can detect and get rid of viruses.

Your phone keeps chasing Wi-Fi connections

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While you’re thanking your device for automatically searching for Wi-Fi connections and not draining your data, you may not be happy about it being a notorious battery hog. It’s not surprising when your phone is “on duty” all the time.

A better way of using your device is to switch off your Wi-Fi when you’re doing errands or having a chill night with friends—at all the times you don’t need a connection at all. This also applies when you’re not expecting Wi-Fi, like when you’re out on an exotic island or high up in the air at a plane. If you find yourself charger-less until you arrive back at the main island or at the airport, it’s best to turn off not only the Wi-Fi but also the Bluetooth and GPS to keep the battery from draining fast.

Is your phone dying on you so fast? Stop wondering why and see if any of these mentioned factors is the culprit. Or, better yet, take it to the experts and know exactly what’s causing it.

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