Living Off the Grid with Style with the Rustic Chic Design

For the most part, many people back in the 1980s thought that 2020 and much of the years before would have houses and buildings with sleek, modern, and minimalist designs. In fact, some movies characterized most of the late 2010s as an age where there would be flying cars, self-lacing sneakers, and drones that would serve pizza (well, technically, it can happen.)

Still, most of these predictions weren’t necessarily true, and the same can be said about much of the interior design industry. Despite what most people think of the late 2010s in architectural design and engineering, not everything is made out of chrome and futuristic shiny materials as people would have thought it out to be.

While some houses have shiny and futuristic designs that can definitely draw attention, most people have been going back to the simpler things in life, which is especially true with the rustic-chic design. Let’s face it: nothing feels more at-home than having a rustic and classical chic design that will remind you of your high school and childhood days.

What Is Rustic Chic?

But before anything else, how is this interior design unique? Well, rustic interiors are known for focusing on simplicity without having on being too minimalist while still evoking an atmosphere of romance — just like how most people envision homes from those young adult romance novels. But compared to more classical designs, rustic interiors are known for having a good amount of charm and “uniqueness” that sets it aside from what we know today.

The fact that this design doesn’t necessarily need to incorporate a lot of “techy” elements gives it a timeless appeal. Rustic interior design is also known to incorporate a lot of “antique” materials that have been repurposed from a previous generation, compared to new state-of-the-art techy objects that you can get.

In terms of materials, a rustic residential area will often use natural raw materials that are probably locally acquired, such as wood and stone. Metal and leather will often take the spotlight when it comes to furniture. Most people would suggest getting high-quality wood, but most coastal towns will usually incorporate driftwood, especially in framing photos or as decor.

One of the main advantages of using a rustic interior design is that it’s known to “age gracefully,” and many interior designers can attest to this. However, the process of creating an interior design that gives us a window to a previous age of wonder can be a challenge in itself, especially when you’re mixing and matching colors.

No worries; we’re here to guide you in different ways of designing your home with both class and style.

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Incorporating Driftwood

When it comes to evoking an atmosphere that’s of a different time and age, driftwood is one of the best materials that will say, “Hey, my home’s not just rustic for the sake of being rustic, it’s also authentic.” Contrary to what most people think, driftwood is known for having a really high lifespan since saltwater tends to be a wonderful preservative. This makes driftwood an excellent material when it comes to framing your favorite paintings, portraits, and prints.

Forestry Decor and Design

One can’t really picture our home from another era without having a mix of both classy and sturdy wood with a good amount of greenery. Forestry decor is known for incorporating a good amount of wooden furniture such as sideboard-style table displays that work well with various potted plants. This also works well with different household items — both old and new.

As the name suggests, log pieces, a bit of foliage, and some branches as ornaments can give your place a wholesome feeling of walking through the woods while still having that authentic and organic tone. Since this decor does incorporate a good amount of wood, it’s essential to clear out surfaces from potential fire hazard materials.

If you’re looking for wooden flooring with the right dark rustic hue that will go with the rest of your furniture, Barnwood plank flooring is known for being one of the more versatile types of food available in the market. Not only does it feature a good amount of tensile strength, but it’s also known for creating that rustic appeal while being easy to maintain.

Soft Rustic Design

If you’re not too keen on having that ‘hard’ wooden feel, you might want to consider having a soft, rustic design instead. Instead of the dark forest feel, the soft, rustic design will have light-colored furniture that will make your home worthy of any designer magazine.

Ultimately, there’s no one way of decorating and designing your home when it comes to getting that rustic chic feel going. The point of interior design is mixing and matching various colors, furniture, and lighting to achieve that look that will be the extension of your personality and identity.

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