More Applications for LED Lights

The light emitting diode (LED) has become the modern day beacon and now, it can be found almost anywhere. At home and in the office, and even on the road, LED lights have become the centerpiece, the backdrop, or the sidelight of any occasion.

The versatility of the LED is one of its best assets, along with its efficiency. It has been used in anything from tow truck lights to home fixtures and even on the 4th of July celebrations. Here are some of LED’s more creative uses:

Garden and backyard lighting

LED lamps are commonly used to illuminate the outdoors, for the landscape display, garden furniture, backyard playground fixtures and also for the deck or porch. This is because LED lights are very durable and they can withstand different weather conditions as opposed to other lighting options such as fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

To prove that, there were tests conducted on LED bulbs and the results showed that the LED light can survive a drop from as high as 4 feet. In real situations, if a storm can knock off the mounted LED lights in your house to the wall on the side, it will most likely be fine. Aside from that, snow or rainwater are also non-issues for your LED lights. The diodes themselves are usually enclosed in plastic or glass casing that can withstand impact and exposure.

Grow lights

For those who have their green thumb and have the compulsion to continue their gardening in the winter, or those who want to cultivate their plants indoors, there are LED grow lights. These are LED lights that can help your plants grow because the light emitting diodes emit lights that have the right color temperature. Because of this blend, they allow the plants to have optimum light and heat even when they are indoors.

There are many people who live in the heart of the city but still want to continue pursuing their gardening dreams. They can use LED lights to replace the required sunlight. There are also places in the world where they do not have regular sunshine or have long rainy months. It is truly one of the most efficient grow lights ever invented.

Now, you can grow plants in the garage or in the basement. It is also good for those who live in condominiums or apartments that do not have the luxury of sunlight since they are surrounded by high-rise buildings. LED grow lights can help the plants get “virtual sunlight.”

Holiday lighting

Aside from the usual home lighting fixtures, there are also LEDs that can be used for the holidays, like the 4th of July, Halloween and of course, Christmas. LED lights can be set up in different colors. For the scary Halloween setup, the LEDs can provide the flashing shock lights or even the simulated lightning. There can be twinkling lights in Christmas to simulate the stars or spectacular setups on the Fourth of July, as an alternative to fireworks. As LED lights are energy efficient, you can be playful and creative without spending too much.

Truck LED lights

truck being drive at night

For the huge trucks that travel through the highway on an all-nighter, LED headlights must be bright enough, not just for visibility but also to keep the drivers awake. There are also different colors for trucks, so they can be more visible to other vehicles.

More uses for LED lights will emerge since it is the best lighting source that we have at the moment. The LED continues to deliver at a lower cost, so more people will continue to switch to LEDs.

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