Riding the Cloud: The Services That Matter

For those not in the know, the definition of cloud computing may be as vast as the sky itself. All you have to know is this: there’s a cloud service for you out there. Whatever specific purpose you are thinking of, there may be something that the cloud can offer.

Cloud Storage

Take storage for example. Are you worried about running out of space or one of your hard drives failing? Your answer is cloud backup solutions. You can copy your files to a server somewhere, and they will get multiple backups. You don’t have to buy extra hard drives or have someone watch your files for you. These are all part of the service.

That is but one of the many services that are available on the cloud. There are many others, but we’ll take a look at some that are most relevant today.

Reaching the Cloud

The advantage of cloud computing is that it is not too demanding on your end, the user. It mainly asks for an Internet connection that is fast enough. Many are accessible via modern browsers. While some may need to be installed on your computer, it most probably will be something light, and not too taxing on your system.

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On-demand Software

Speaking of accessibility, on-demand software mostly includes programs that you can access with your browsers. There are no downloads or installations required. And since browsers are available on different operating systems, it opens the potential for the programs to be used not just on PCs but on other devices as well, including tablets and mobile phones. Imagine working on a spreadsheet at home and then continuing it on your way to the office. You won’t miss a beat.

On a related note, this also negates the hardware requirements of the program. As long as the browser is updated and can display modern web pages, you’re golden. Everything the program needs to crunch, it crunches remotely. This level of portability is only possible with the power of the cloud.


If you are planning to build a computer for the purpose of gaming, it’s going to be pricey. Good thing gaming itself is rife with options. Wisdom will dictate that you buy what you need. You can build yourself a balanced one that can let you game on high settings at 1080p and will not burn a hole in your pocket. The richer ones always get the top-end parts where the video card alone can cost more than $1,000.00.

What if you’re someone who doesn’t want to jump in yet but eager to find out what today’s games look like? Well, you now can do that with cloud gaming. Why spend thousands of dollars on building a high-end gaming PC when you can use a remote PC that has the same specs?

Cloud gaming works by streaming the images generated by that PC to your end. You need a fast connection, though. If you want little to no stutters when playing, a 20 Mbps connection is recommended for 1080p and 60 fps gaming.

The remote nature might not be ideal for competitive play, but it could be viable in the future. As of now, cloud gaming delivers a very playable gameplay experience.

There’s credence when people say “tap the power of the cloud.” It presents possibilities and extends the functions of weaker computers. With the cloud, many will experience what computers are meant to do without the need for high-end hardware.

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