Safe Outdoor Activities to Shake off the Pandemic Blues

Your pets are starting to get tired of you. It’s been months since the pandemic has put everyone’s lives on pause, and for almost as long you’ve been wondering if you would ever experience any semblance of normalcy again. These are weird times. Even so, you must look out for yourself by constantly finding creative ways to fend off the bad thoughts and feelings. It’s possible to still be physically safe these days without putting your mental health at risk. Here are a few activities that could get you through another day and into a brand-new world.

Before jumping into things you can do to make you less restless, here’s some good news (because we all need some): it is possible to step out of your house without putting yourself, your loved ones, and everyone else at risk. The secret is to visit large, outdoor areas when you do go out. Since the virus is primarily spread through respiratory droplets, you’re at a higher risk of contracting it when you’re indoors. When you’re, for instance, at a public park, it’s much easier to practice social distancing. The refreshing wind will also make sure that the virus won’t hang around in the air you breathe. (Sidenote: you can breathe in a mask, Karen.)

When done within reason, going out will do wonders for your overall well-being. The mere act of putting yourself in a naturally lit environment can instantly give you a new mindset. If you want more proof, studies have been conducted as well to establish the link between depression and limited sunlight exposure.

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Feeling less anxious about seeing the world again? Give it a shot through any of these outdoor activities:


Going out doesn’t mean that you have to go too far. One of the simplest ways you can breathe in some fresh air and get some sunlight is to take a walk around your neighborhood. If you live near a forest with a trail, that’s even better. Just try to avoid narrow paths, and don’t explore too much. Think of keeping yourself injury-free as a way to be considerate of healthcare workers who already have a lot on their shoulders. They can’t afford to waste time treating a wound that could very easily be avoided. So just go out the door and take your common sense with you.


A friendly breeze, gentle waves, and a cold one…or two. These are the things waiting for you if you decide to go dust off your fishing rods and baits. Even if you’ve never really been big into fishing, you might end up surprising yourself with a new hobby when this is all over. So why not try it out? It puts you in a peaceful state and, more importantly, keeps you at a safe distance from other fishing enthusiasts.


If reading about fishing almost made you doze off, then chances are that you want something a little more thrilling. Nothing says adrenaline more than mud, big trucks, and unpredictability. As long as you have any four-wheel vehicle that’s as badass as you are, then you can take it for a spin in any kind of uneven terrain.

Just make sure to employ safety measures for your vehicle as well. For one, light bars for trucks increase area visibility to rule out any accidents, especially if you’re off-roading at night. Your tires also need to be the right type to give you the amount of traction that you need. A word of warning, though: this may be a bit extreme if all you wanted was to get up from the couch. Do proceed with caution.

Drive-thru movie watching

This is a nod to a bygone era that you might appreciate. Watching films is a classic form of entertainment. However, over the years the way of gaining access to and consuming movies has drastically evolved. Drive-thru movie watching is a welcome break from binging any TV show you can find on Netflix. Not only does it free you from the burden of choice, but it also replicates that lowkey community vibe you get whenever you go to movie theaters. The bonus? You can bring any snack you want and have as much armrest space as you need.

It’s great if these activity suggestions have gotten you excited. That means you still have blood flowing from your veins! Before you plan anything, though, check your local safety regulations to be sure that what you plan on doing outside won’t put others at risk. If everything checks out, you’re good to go. Just be smart about it and go ahead—your shoes have missed you.

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