SEO Techniques That Boost Small Business Growth and Ranking

Small and medium-sized businesses have a smaller margin for error; they need to make each dollar count. Maximizing resources to reach their audience and convert at a high rate are important to not just survive but to succeed. SEO is one strategy that can help your business achieve the objectives above.

Denver SEO experts cite the following hacks that enable you to thrive, grow and succeed in your niche.

1. Publish cornerstone content.

Content will always be a foundation for any online marketing campaign. You’ll need cornerstone ones to anchor your websites. These are articles that are approximately 1500 to 2500 words these long posts show your authority and expertise in a particular topic.

Research the appropriate keywords to use and the topics that it discusses in-depth. Publish information that is all-encompassing — something that a reader will keep returning to and look nowhere else for.

Have at least three to five of these; link to them frequently whenever you publish shorter articles or videos. Your visitors can refer to these to supplement their own research about your brand and what you can do for them.

2. Identify what the competition does.

To achieve your business goals, you must also understand your closest competitors. Study their websites and published content. Identify the keywords they use and the topics they cover, the sites they rank for, the structure of their website and their backlinks.

Imitate their approach, but make it your own and improve on them. Fill in the gaps; cover topics or provide a different perspective when you publish content similar to your competitors.

Try to reach out to a different market segment that your competition doesn’t cater to. Mimic their website design but brand it by using your own colors, calls-to-action, layout and other elements that associate them with your company.

3. Acquire local links.

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Get as many local links as possible to build a reputation and authority in your niche. A localized approach allows you to reach the right customers within your neighborhood and city.

Focus on partnering with other companies that are in your supply chain or lets you fill gaps in the market. This enables you to educate potential customers about your business and push them further down the sales funnel.

4. Optimize pages.

Create content that follows the right structure and has the ideal elements for the keywords you decide to target. Use all available chances to include the search terms you rank in, in various parts of your site. Optimize each page’s body, descriptions, and title; use local colloquialisms to reach the audience that is likely to choose your brand.

5. Get feedback and reviews.

Many prefer reading reviews before making a decision about purchasing or getting a company’s service. Be proactive when it comes to asking for feedback and a review of your brand. You can do it the old fashioned way by handing out paper forms or directing customers to a page on your website.

These are some of the SEO hacks small businesses can leverage to grow and reach a wider audience. Consult your team of experts to determine which ones will work best.

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