The Gen Z Challenge: What eCommerce Businesses Need to Entice Gen-Zers

Most marketers have their eyes set on today’s largest consumer group, the millennials. If you own an eCommerce business and you want your brand to thrive for more years to come, then you don’t want to ignore the generation after them, the Generation Z. Their undeniable consumer force and buying power are more than enough to help you start scaling your startup.

Born between 1996 and 2015, Gen-Zers have different expectations for businesses. Despite them being digital natives, they still value experience. They like authenticity and are want to make sure they get the best value for their money. Like millennials, they want to make a positive impact in the world.

But the question is, what can your eCommerce business do to start attracting Generation Z consumers?

Step up Your Engagement Tactics

Generation Z is not easy to woe, especially if you are still a new brand. You will need to establish trust with them before they consider buying from your eCommerce store. Like most millennials, they do online research and would tack a closer look at company and product reviews first. If you take time to respond to each feedback and show them your willingness to engage with your clients, then you will earn brownie points from Gen-Zers.

The last thing you want is to simply wait for your customers to leave reviews. What you can do is to boost your engagement tactics. First, make sure that what you offer is real value and not just products. Remember that Generation Z wants authenticity and experience.

Another trick to boosting engagement is with the help of surveys. Ask your customers and target consumers about their insights, needs, and expectations. Let them help you weigh on which trends they like the best and allow them to expand their answers. Online survey software can help you easily collect customer feedback and use the data collected to better cater to consumers.

Be an Ethical Brand

One company that managed to steal consumer’s hearts is TOMS. One might think that TOMS managed to gain international popularity and success simply because of their high-quality and comfy shoes. But another reason why the brand has many loyal customers and why their customer base continues to grow is because they are an ethical company admired by many.

Did you know that TOMS gives away a considerable portion of their income back to the community? The company’s founder, Blake Mycoskie, founded the brand after his trip to Argentina inspired him to make shoes he can donate to children in need all around the world. Consumers love the brand not just because of the offerings. It is also because, in a way, they too can help in their own way.

Gen-Zers want businesses to be brands with a purpose. They are into businesses that take their corporate social responsibility seriously. If you give back to the community and prove to consumers that you too, can stand up for a cause, then you will surely catch their attention.

Spice up Your Social Media Marketing


One way to reach a tech-savvy generation is by marketing on platforms they often visit. But unlike millennials, they have different preferred sites. They also use social media platforms differently.

Millennials mostly use Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram to get news, share photos, and follow celebrities. For Gen-Zers, they use social media to communicate with friends, share photos, get inspiration, and learn about the news. They prefer Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Youtube. This means you can attract more Gen-Z consumers in these four social media sites but only if you align your marketing strategies with how they use the sites.

Provide interactive content that will initiate actions. Survey polls, for instance, are a hit to Gen-Z. Take advantage of branded hashtags and you can entice consumers to share meaningful posts related to your brand. Don’t be afraid to use humor to show your brand also has its own distinct voice and personality. Also, don’t forget to take your time in responding to your followers.

Leverage influencer marketing if you want Gen-Zers to follow your brand. Remember that they use social media to get inspiration. Use influencers who have the same values and can produce honest visual content. You don’t necessarily need big celebrities just to wow Gen-Zers. Even social media influencers who have a modest number of followings but are also not afraid to share and promote social responsibility are a good choice.

Millennials may be today’s hottest consumers. But the next generation’s buying power is not one you can take for granted. The earlier your eCommerce brand can entice and retain Gen-Zers, the better. Perk up your social media marketing and improve your engagement tactics. Choose to be socially responsible and don’t be afraid to let your Gen Z consumers know what you stand for.

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