These 10 Apps Will Help You Run Your Business From Your Phone

If you’re the type of person who’s always working on the go, chances are your most-used business tool or is your smartphone.

Smartphones are a great tool for managing businesses. It’s a computer that fits into your pocket and allows you to work anywhere at any time with perfect ease. Thanks to technology many apps now exist to make running your business easier. The great part is these applications can be accessed through your phone.

We’ve listed the best applications to help you run your business from your phone. Just make sure that your phone has a strong battery life as these applications can drain your battery really quick. If you’ve had your phone for a couple of years you should visit a phone repair shop and get your battery replaced.

New phones usually have a maximum battery capacity of 100%. But the longer you have your phone the lower that percentage gets. Replacing your battery will ensure that you can run your business from your phone without worrying about it dying instantly. That said, here are 10 mobile applications you can use to run your business in mobile mode.


Quickbooks is one of the best accounting mobile applications around. You can process payrolls or even create custom invoices at any time. Thus, allowing you to send it to your customers faster so you get paid faster. The app also keeps a record of all your sales, expenses, and receipts. You can run or create custom reports for your business in just a matter of seconds.


BambooHR is the all-around HR app every business owner need. It was created to support small and medium enterprises in handling everything HR-related. From time-off requests, tracking important events, recording employee details, sending announcements, and signing important documents. You can do all that and more with this app.

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Proposals, quotes, contracts, e-signatures, and payments. Every single business-related document can be created, processed, and finalized through PandaDoc. Need to keep track of certain documents? See if they’ve reached the right people and if they’ve been signed or processed? You can see it all on this app.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important area of marketing. This is why you need HubSpot’s CRM platform. It has all the tools you’ll need for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.


Need daily, weekly, or even real-time summaries of your performance data? Databox records all your performance data. Allowing you to see how well your business has been performing in the past few days or how well it’s doing right now. It even allows you to set your own goals and track your progress. It also notifies you if your business is doing well or if your performance has been off.

GSuite or Google Workspace

Google Suite, GSuite, or (recently named) Google Workspace is a given. Everyone needs Google Workspace, not just business owners, we mean everybody. It has your mail, cloud storage, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation builder, survey builder, and website builder to name a few. The great thing about this is that you get to create and collaborate at the same time. Work with your team on almost anything, anywhere, at any time.


Like Google Workspace, Teamwork allows you to collaborate with your team in real-time. You can assign tasks, deadlines, track time, manage resources, and create reports for certain projects. It streamlines all your projects. Allowing your team to work more efficiently and be more productive.


Need more space to keep your files? Dropbox is another great cloud storage app. It also allows you to collaborate and share files with your entire team.


Always juggling different projects at a time? Basecamp is the perfect app for project management. It’s got all the tools you need to finish every single project on your plate. Message boards, to-do lists, calendars, file sharing, chatting, and check-ins. At Basecamp, everyone is in the loop and getting things done.


Almost every company uses Slack to communicate with their employees. This is no ordinary chatroom. Unlike messenger where messages are easily buried. Slack allows you to follow messages and topics much easier. You get to have different chatrooms for different teams and projects. The best part is that you get to pin important messages, share files, and search for old messages easily.

Now you know the best apps to use to run your business remotely. All that’s left to do is install them. You are now able to run your entire business from your phone.

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