Top Corporate Sports Activities for Employees and Clients

One of the things we miss about working after the pandemic hit us like a ton of bricks is the company outings and team-building activities. We were always looking forward to it in the past. Imagine not having to spend a day in front of the computer. Instead, you can play team sports with your colleagues and drink until you pass out in the evening. But now that things are going back to normal, perhaps it would be nice to organize a company event again just to welcome everyone back.

So what kind of activities must you do in the corporate event? You can invite all your employees, as well as some clients and investors who remained loyal to your company despite the pandemic. This is a way of saying thank you to them. There is a lot to celebrate now that the world is slowly returning to how life was before the coronavirus pandemic. Plan a great event that will get everyone talking.

Golf Tournament

If you have plenty of rich clients, then you might want to incorporate your company event to suit their interests. Since most investors are into golf, you can organize a mini golf tournament among your partners and employees. Look for a Cricket golf cart dealership from where you can rent golf carts for the participants in your event. Not everyone will have access to golf clubs, caddies, and other accessories, so you might have to provide those for them.

Marathons and Triathlons

These are popular corporate events because it encourages your employees to remain fit and healthy. Make sure to schedule it months in advance because you want to give your less-fit employees a chance to exercise, work out, and prepare for the marathon. The best thing about triathlon is you can do it in the city. All you need is permits from the local municipality so a street can be closed off for your event. You can rent a nearby sports complex that has a pool for the swimming part of the “competition.” The winners, of course, should get a prize. Talk to some sponsors about the prizes.


basketball player

The sport is a widely popular activity for employees of all genders. You can even create a women’s basketball team since they love watching and playing this, too. Depending on how long the event is going to be, it can be a three-game series or a matchup between two opposing teams. On the side, you can have a cheerleading competition among the “dancers” in the office. They can make their own pom-poms and other props to make cheering more fun.

Motor Sports

If you want to be a bit more luxurious, you can have a motorsports activity either with the use of bikes, cars, or ATVs. For this kind of event, though, you will need to travel outside the city since that’s where you’ll usually find a private track or trail. You can rent out the venue for the whole weekend to make the event worthwhile. Just make sure not to allow beginners to join the competition. They can just try it out in a non-competitive event. Accidents are always waiting to happen in company events. You can be liable for an accident involving ATVs and motorcycles.

Scavenger Hunt

Although not really a sports activity, a scavenger hunt will also pump adrenaline into your employees’ veins. Make sure that they’re looking for a good prize to win so they will be more impassioned to join the hunt. This can be individualized, although it works better if you divide your employees into teams. This way, they can learn how to work better on different projects and tasks. The hunt can take place in a forest, but make sure that your employees will not wander too far as they might get lost.


All of these will amount to nothing if there is no evaluation of the impact of the activities on the team. Make sure that they understand that the purpose of the activities is not only for them to have fun but also for them to learn how to work together for the better. Camaraderie and teamwork are not merely lovely words that get thrown around in the office. They should be a habit among colleagues.

It takes a certain kind of commitment for employers to invest in team-building activities and corporate sports activities. These are additional expenses that most companies cannot afford right now. However, if you have a bit of a wiggle room, this is the best thing that you can do for your employees as you welcome them to the new normal.

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