What Changes Does Your Shop Need During the Pandemic?

Prior to the pandemic, window and eager shoppers storm stores for sales and more. When COVID-19 became a threat to national health and safety, lockdown measures tamped down shopping activities. It has also given shop owners more time to reconsider several aspects of the store. One of the aspects is renovation.

If you want to re-open with a fresh look once the lockdown is lifted, investing in new shelving accessories or repainting the walls during the pandemic (with social distancing, of course) might be a good idea.

Why Renovate the Shop During a Pandemic?

On a regular day, shops get a lot of foot traffic. As a result, the floors had taken a beating. Pre-pandemic, some shop owners struggle to find the time to fix the floors (or other areas in the store that needs repairs). It would have taken a week or more to get the job done — and that timeline depends on the type of renovation needed.

Store owners who wanted to renovate their shop would have to wait a month or more to renovate their facades and re-arrange displays.

Due to stay-at-home measures, everyone’s at home, which gives you, the store owner, more time to do some renovation work.


Simple and Safe Renovations You Can Do

Here are some renovations you can do while your customers are still at home:

  • Clear the clutter. Cleaning out the clutter means getting rid of stuff behind the register, on the floor, and in the corners. Start with one area until you finish the entire store. Your stockroom has endured plenty of abuse from all the misplaced items or piles of products. Clean it out and make it easy to find things.
  • Paint the walls. Re-painting is a simple and affordable type of facelift for shops. If your store has always been neutral coloured, liven up the shades! Paint the focal wall a vibrant colour and watch your area pop.
  • Add colour to your shelves and fixtures. For wood fixtures, change their looks with a fresh coat of paint. If you have a table, cover the top with a foam board covered in fabric. If you have a shelving fixture, paint the fixture’s back wall for more light reflection or base coverage.
  • Light it up. If you want to redo your lighting, LED’s are a more affordable and colourful option. They can help you save more with energy savings, as well as transform the feel and look of your store.
  • Improve your store’s signage. Transform your store by updating your signs. If you are using plexiglass, consider picture frames to suit the classic aesthetic of your store.

If you are planning to fix a few things, prioritize safety. Wear masks and face shields to reduce the transmission of the disease. Limit the number of people who can come to the store. Also, practice social distancing.

As your customers stay at home, use this time to (safely) tweak a few areas in the shop. So once the lockdown lifts, you can welcome everyone back with a fresh and new look.

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