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With technology becoming more ubiquitous, it’s only natural for you to look for information and advice for just about anything from the internet and some social media. Whether you’re selling secondhand items online or running an office for data-center cooling systems, you could pick something relevant online. That being said, YouTube is full of channels with content that any business owner will find helpful for their business, which might be tricky to choose which one you want to subscribe to. Fortunately, there are a few ones that stand out from the others with the content that will be helpful to let your business grow.

Top Business-Related YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

Besides being a social media where you can watch TV shows and music videos, YouTube can also be a platform to get the information you need for your business. These business-related channels show how to make businesses grow with videos showing you how to properly manage your finances and marketing campaigns with some inspiring success stories of entrepreneurs.

But it’s easy to get overwhelmed and distracted with YouTube videos when you use the application as there are more than 37 million channels with around 4.69 billion uploaded videos every month. So, to make it easier for you, here are some channels that are worth checking out to help you run your business:

  1. The Startup Van

This YouTube channel’s name might confuse you as they post content that isn’t only for startups; they have a wide range of videos talking just about any business-related topic. From videos showing business owners from different industries, staff management videos, and dealing with the stress of work, this channel has some of the most well-edited business videos that would give you some exciting business insights. So, whether you’re new at running a business or you’ve been in it for years, this channel is for you.

  1. Skillshare

Skillshare is more than just a business channel as the creators behind it post content that would allow anyone to learn new skills that are useful for personal development. Of course, these videos would help your business if you need ideas on how to inspire your staff, take better photos for your marketing campaigns, use some new technologies and applications, and more. You’ll learn many valuable skills when you subscribe to this channel.

  1. Robin Sharma

If you don’t know who Robin Sharma is, it may be tough to fit all his achievements in the following few sentences as he is a bestselling author and a leadership expert. Besides that, he’s also a humanitarian and advisor to business owners. And yes, he’s on YouTube giving some free advice on self-love, leadership, life and business hacks, business advice, and some wellness tips. All the more reason to subscribe to his channel.

  1. Small Business Toolbox

Would you like to hear how self-employed people manage their finances and taxes? Would you like to learn more about the ins and outs of running a small business? Well, then you should be checking out Small Business Toolbox as its creator Andy Mac shares his experiences about various topics especially made for small business owners. While some of this content is for entrepreneurs in the U.K., there is still a lot that you can learn from his videos, wherever you are based in.

  1. Crunch Accounting

Accounting can be a headache for many business owners. Fortunately, you can hire an accountant to help you with it, but you would also want to know what’s going on with your taxes, expenses, and other finances. Well, Crunch Accounting could be your new favorite channel as they have all the financial news and accounting-related information you will ever need. Every video they have is well-edited with properly presented information for better understanding.

  1. Creative Mornings

If you like watching Ted Talks’ videos, but you’re looking for a channel with the same format but with videos talking about business-related topics, then Creative Mornings should be the YouTube channel for you. They have a wide range of videos, but most of them would help you get creative with your approach in many things concerning your business, especially for your marketing. If you want to be creative in general, they also have videos that could give you some ideas and inspire you to create.

YouTube Is Something More Than Just A Social Media


It’s interesting how YouTube has become a haven for all sorts of people who need to watch any videos. So, take advantage of the app on your phone today and subscribe to these channels now.

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