5 Reasons to Buy Antique Furniture Pieces

In today’s world of branded furniture, there are still people who would go for an antique furniture piece in a heartbeat. These are items that are 100 years old or older which makes them truly worthy of a collector’s fancy.

Pieces such as antique Gustavian home furniture, particularly the rare ones, can fetch quite a handsome amount depending on provenance, condition, age, and level of craftsmanship. There are actually suppliers of these types of furniture items, so they’re a great place to go if you want to start decorating your property with fine French and Italian furniture.

But what really makes these old-time decorative pieces highly sought-after? Why do a lot of people spend money on them instead of a modern furniture item? Why are they highly collectible?

Here are five great reasons you should invest in your own antique furniture collection:

They are a more sustainable way of decorating

It’s a given that when you buy something that is used, you’re actually doing the environment a huge favor. This is because instead of antique or vintage items being dumped into landfills, you’re actually saving them. Also, getting antique furniture pieces instead of buying new ones is essentially contributing something to the movement to lower carbon footprint. The proof? A commissioned research found that a piece of modern furniture has 16 times higher carbon footprint compared to an antique item. That’s pretty alarming, we should admit.

In short, going for the old-timers is a sustainable way of decorating your home, office, or business establishment, something Mother Nature will surely thank you for.

You can’t beat heritage

Because antique furniture items have literally a hundred or more years to them, they automatically possess a piece of history and heritage of the country they came from. Be it an antique chair, table, sofa, or chest, it can speak volumes about the rich culture of its origin that is in itself makes it a priceless piece of furniture.

They are well-made

The simple fact that antique furniture pieces have lasted for a century or more is in itself a testament to their extremely fine craftsmanship and durability. They are usually made using the finest materials so they are unmatched when it comes to longevity.

In fact, some well-maintained antique furniture items could last another century or more in the hands of careful owners.

They’re just gorgeous

These items are almost exclusively hand-made by skilled artisans, which would explain the insane details and beauty that they possess. While modern furniture pieces are eye-catching in their own rights, there’s an innate appeal that antique items have, which is probably attributed to their Old World charm. For those who are into the look and feel of a bygone era, antique furniture pieces are simply unbeatable.

They can appreciate through the years

Room with grey textured wall

What you have bought for five hundred dollars today could fetch a whopping five thousand dollars a few years from now. Innumerable antique furniture pieces that were bought for cheap many years ago can be worth a fortune right now, especially the ones that are appraised as rare by art collectors. If you’re lucky, you can find yourself sitting in a tub full of dollars perhaps a decade from now if you happen to own a few collectible items.

With these great benefits in mind, maybe it’s about time you start collecting them today, right?

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