It’s Time to Build Your Own PC

Buying a computer straight out of the box is not the only option for you. There are a variety of choices you can make when it comes to the components of your home or office PC. You want a better cooling system? Then, choose a brand that’s synonymous with cooling a PC. Want a larger hard drive? That’s okay, too, because you can invest more in the hard drive than in the other components of your computer.

If you’re building a gaming computer, for example, you’ll want the best. You’ll want a high-speed computer that can process and display tons’ worth of graphics. You want a PC that won’t have much of downtime because downtime when you’re working is a nightmare. Lags are a no-no, and you need high-resolution screens to display all those graphics game designers work so hard for.

More Cost-efficient

Choosing the components yourself to build your PC is more economical. For one, you won’t be required to buy certain brands only. Many built computers will choose the same brands for all of the components—from the hard drive, the DVD drive, the USB ports, to the batteries. You don’t need that. You only need to choose quality computer parts that will work for what you need the PC for.

Internet-only builds, for example, only cost about $300. This is for computers that can only send emails, browse the Internet, and stream videos. But if you want to play games on your PC, you need to shell out $100 or $200 more. For virtual reality gaming, you’ll have to more than double that amount to $800. But imagine how much a gaming PC will cost if you buy it built. Many of them cost north of $2,000.

Easier to Upgrade

Upgrading a PC component is as simple as this: unplug the old component and plug in the new one. But for many, this is a problem because they never had any experience with building their own PCs. That’s why they have to pay a computer technician to do the upgrading for them when it’s really a very simple job.

Better Computer Parts

person soldering chip

Computer companies use cheap parts in their ready-built PCs because they choose the lowest bidder for these components. If you want a true high-quality PC, you need to build your own computer and choose high-quality parts for it. Many built computers have subpar RAM, power supplies, optical drives, hard drives, and cooling systems. You can’t believe these computer companies that market their products for less than $500 and promise that you’ll get high-tech components.

More Accessible Tech Support

When your computer breaks down in the future, you become its tech support. The problem with many computer companies is that they end up referring you to the manufacturers of their computer parts. But then, when you call these companies, they usually don’t have answers to your issues at all. By building your own PC, you will be your own tech support. You’re the one who built this computer in the first place. You know what will work and what will not.

Yes, it takes special skills to build your own PC. At times, it can be stressful, too. But here it is: it is fun to build your own PC. You’ll have a better understanding of what you want and what works best together. You’ll gain new skills, as well as be in control of your computer.

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