A Guide to Corporate Travel Safety and Security for Your Employees

Employees’ health, safety, and security occupy the primary spot when traveling for work. Most business tours are well-organized by a separate team of experts, but things go haywire sometimes due to weather and local politics. It is especially true for international travel. If you are responsible for handling the travel scenario, you have to be quick and alert.

There are issues related to accommodation, local commute, and maintenance of health regulations during epidemics and outbreaks that also need attention. Times are very uncertain, so you have to be innovative while planning any domestic or overseas trip for your staff. Read about all the business travel safety tips here.

Research the Location

If you are launching a new product or service in a new geographical location, this is of utmost importance. There will be some predictable scenarios. You have to ensure that your travelers are familiar with the local customs and etiquette. Moreover, ask the employees to learn a few key phrases. Otherwise, they may land in embarrassing situations. Apart from the above, the place’s climate, local laws, and political conditions are also worth noting.

Ask your employees to download the latest climate and travel apps that forecast climatic aberrations to get information. Do not plan any travel during sensitive times. Follow the newest travel directives by following the area news. It may create many problems for your people and jeopardize their safety. It is best to cancel or defer the journey.

Arrange Alternate Ground Transportation

If you have already finalized the tour, you may have arranged accommodation and local transport. There may be events for the launch of your new products and services, as well. If you go by the last year and 2021, there has a massive turmoil in everybody’s lives due to the pandemic. Thus, traveling in local transport is a strict no-no. Therefore, you have to make sure that social distancing is maintained. If the travel agency somehow fails to serve at the last moment, you will count hotel charges and daily allowance for your employees.

employee traveling to work

The best idea is to get a travel trailer for sale. This is a new rage, and most companies have launched great models seeing the massive upsurge in safe travel. You can use these for commuting, lodging, and meetings, too. If your employees cannot find proper lodging due to any unseen problem, these are a great choice. Moreover, they are moving homes. You have to get a local driver and excellent parking or site. If your employees need to travel for meetings to hotels and convention centers, these will suffice. If any of your employees drive light vehicles and have a valid license, you can also arrange self-drive cars.

Take Care of Their Health

If your employees do not feel well in distant lands, they will not deliver the best for your business. Therefore, you have to arrange for proper health insurance. While booking flights or any other mode of transport, you must get the health insurance done. It costs a bit extra but is well worth it. If they do not have one and fall into trouble, you will be spending thousands on their treatment. The cost of medical treatment is very high today.

Moreover, prices are higher for foreigners. Furthermore, you have to ensure that your staff knows about the nearby clinics and hospitals. You also need to train your staff on first-aid not to get hassled when something minor happens.

Food and water safety is another issue that you need to handle. Conduct training sessions beforehand on how to handle these. Mineral water is the best possible option in this case. If you arrange moving hotels or vans, ask them to source fresh produce from departmental stores and get them cooked. It Saves on money as well.

Create Strong Travel Policies

Many companies give their employees to travel in their own chosen way, within a budget. Thus, employees book hotels and transport of their choice. Some of them might love shopping and choose a hotel in the shopping area. The costs are generally high and a burden on your company expenses. You have to start bringing all of these under a single platform.

Create a centralized booking system wherein you can watch what’s happening right under your nose. You must also inform corporate travelers of the risks of going rogue. Also tell them, that in the event of an emergency, they may be left to fend for themselves.

These are just a few of the travel safety tips for corporate. New situations may arise now and then. So keep your alertness intact and plan accordingly. If virtual meets are possible, go for it.

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