Creative and Offbeat Ideas for Christmas Decorations

If you’re tired of the typical Christmas decors you and your family usually go for, this year is an excellent time to switch it up. Here are some fun, creative, and offbeat Christmas decor ideas you might want to consider to set your home apart in the neighborhood this holiday season.

Decorating outdoors with inflatables

Decorating the outdoors for Christmas has become a beloved holiday tradition, especially with so many unique options nowadays. Inflatables are one of those fun and eye-catching choices; just like their name suggests, these decorations look three-dimensional but are actually made out of lightweight plastic that inflates in seconds! There are dozens of Christmas inflatables to choose from, such as giant snow globes,  giant inflatable Christmas trees, or Santa Clauses waving cheerfully from the doorstep, that will transform your outdoor space into a magical winter wonderland. For snowy scenes, you can find outdoor lighted snowmen or reindeer-pull sleighs. Perhaps best of all, inflatables make great additions to complex decorations as they brighten up any space in a snap! Not only do they look beautiful and cheery during the day, but also transition beautifully onto night-time with their integrated LED lighting systems that come with some models; this means your outdoor decorations will truly be something to behold at night. Take your outdoor Christmas décor game up a notch by including one or several inflatables to liven up your home and create a festive atmosphere during the holidays.

Giant bow on the garage door

If you have not employed residential garage door service for your home in the past few years, this holiday season is the perfect time to get your garage door cleaned, repaired, or replaced if necessary. A perfectly clean and painted garage door is needed for this design idea because afterward, you can spruce it up by incorporating a giant red or green bow to make it look like an enormous gift.

Sparser, more asymmetrical trees

In the past few decades, the trends have always leaned towards having giant trees that take up a large part of your living room’s square meters. This year, why not switch it up a bit by going for more asymmetrical and sparser trees? This means placing an emphasis on height instead of circumference and opting for trees that look simpler, humbler, and more natural.

The beauty of a thinner tree is that it will allow you to show off your lights, decor, and other meaningful ornaments—especially if you’re hanging family heirlooms and significant knickknacks.

Multiple trees

In line with the thinner trees design idea, you can go for multiple trees instead of just one big one. But to make this work, you want to opt for trees of different heights, especially if you plan on placing them in just one area in your home. However, if you’re thinking of putting them parallel to each other along a big hallway, trees of the same height and size would be better. To give your trees some variety, you can opt for real and artificial, and you can also choose to place them in different areas of your house.


One of the biggest criticisms against the holiday season is its capitalistic excess. One of the most significant aspects that take a hit is our planet. Year by year, the environmental effects of the Christmas season get worse and worse. This pollution can be caused by the trees we choose, how we wrap our gifts and have them delivered, the food we consume, and many others.

If you genuinely want to create a good and lasting impact this holiday season, not just aesthetic-wise but also for the planet, why not make your decor choices more sustainable this year? Opt for eco-friendly Christmas trees, and choose your gift packaging and decor materials wisely.


Nostalgia has been front and center in the past decade, with so many remakes and retro-themed stories permeating the pop culture sphere. This holiday season, why not capitalize on this trend by opting for nostalgic decor ideas? Here are some cute and non-traditional decor ideas that can inspire nostalgia in your home:

  • Old crockery and vintage ornaments
  • Tablecloths, utensils, and other kitchenware that have been passed down in your family from generation to generation
  • Mended or repaired old Christmas decor

Making the old new again yields three benefits. One, vintage elegance will be the theme of your Christmas decor this year. Two, you would be spending so much less money on decor that you would be taking down by the end of the year anyway. Finally, it’s so much better for the environment.

Personalization and DIY

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that there is nothing more important than family and the meaningful relationships in our lives. This truth will influence many of the interior design trends and Christmas decor ideas that homeowners will be trying this holiday season.

Why not make your Christmas decor so much more personal this year by incorporating personal items like Polaroids and other printed photos? You can DIY some frame ornaments and have every family member create their own. Not only will this idea set your tree apart from others, but it will also make it incredibly poignant and meaningful for your family. It can be a fun way to spend a family night, as well.

When it comes to choosing Christmas decor that is different from others, it’s all about finding ways to make it your own. Don’t be afraid to DIY and let your and your family’s unique personalities shine through! The holiday season is one of the best times of the year to allow yourself to be led by good tidings and cheer, and you can let this excitement flow into your decor.

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