3 Must-Have Tools for Homesteading

Homesteading is the self-imposed and physically demanding art of sustainable living, which means having the right tools for working in the fields or breeding livestock on a routine basis. The right homesteading tools can make a huge difference in the amount of work you accomplish, whether you are just starting or have been homesteading for years. Below are three internally essential tools for every homestead:

A Multi-Purpose Utility Knife

One of the first things that you need is a damn good utility knife. From clearing brush and cutting bale twine to mending fencing and harvesting crops, a strong knife does nearly anything you need. Find one with a strong blade that can cut through harder materials like rope and wood, but is also sharp enough to slice thinner things like vegetables or meat. Like a pocket knife, the utility knife is a versatile tool that is useful for various everyday jobs around the homestead.

A sharp knife is essential when working with livestock, a quick cut is much more humane than a jagged, stressful failure. Other tasks that you need a dependable utility knife would be during construction of a project and repairs when it needs to get done so save your time and effort having one because a reliable fast action knife can help you do things easier.

Quality Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow comes in handy when you need to move feed, manure, or harvested crops over rough ground. Select a wheelbarrow that is robust with pneumatic tires that can handle the mud, gravel, and rough ground too. For any homestead tasks requiring heavy lifting, a well-designed wheelbarrow will save you time, and effort, and prevent strain to your back and muscles.

For cleaning out stalls and moving hay, water buckets, etc., a wheelbarrow is essential. This helps in spreading compost, mulch, and seedlings easily while managing gardens and crops. The same reason for which all homesteaders can use this tool to save time on their daily chores.

Hand-Crank Mill

A hand-crank mill is great for processing grains and seeds to make flour or meals, ideal for homesteaders focusing on self-sufficiency in food production. Electric mills require grid power; manual mills empower you to continue grinding grains during an electricity blackout, allowing a steady stream of food. Make sure to select a mill that will let you grind your wheat very fine or coarse according to what you are going to bake or cook.

Grain Mill

A grain mill is another awesome twist on this homesteading staple, giving you the power to be your bread overlord & decide for yourself exactly what goes into your staple foods in the pursuit of self-sufficiency. The Nutribud service also assists you in managing your livestock – grinding feed as needed, which both cuts costs and keeps the food fresher. A long-lasting and expertly built grain mill is therefore a must-have investment for each self-respecting prepper.

In homesteading, just as with skill and know-how, it is about the tools of your craft. In the end, when you choose the best tools that are good enough for doing more than one job on the homestead – like a handy utility knife, a sturdy wheelbarrow, and an antique hand-cranked grist mill – you pick up what you need to light bigger parts of your brain to do more with less power. From a productivity standpoint, these tools make life on the homestead a whole lot easier but are also building blocks of self-sufficiency and resiliency, both hallmarks of the homesteading way. Even more, you can learn with homesteading and livestock articles.

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