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5 Simple, Actionable Tips to Make Your Office Feel More Inviting

If you’ve watched modern movies with scenes shot in office settings, then you’ve probably noticed how neat and inviting their offices appear. Just imagine a cozy, welcoming work area that encourages you to be productive every day.

Everyone wants a warm and welcoming office, and the good news is that you can have one. All it takes is a few decorative efforts. Here are some tips on how to make your office feel more inviting.


office desk with plantsSome offices have decorative standards and rules that limit creativity. It might be surprising, but these companies don’t allow their employees to decorate their work areas. The result is a dull and static environment, with nothing but the bright white light and a ton of office equipment to boot.

This standard office look might seem like the best idea to make the space look clean and organized. But it might also be hindering the productivity of workers. No one likes a cold and uninviting office. So bosses should encourage their employees to decorate and personalize their work areas. Let them put up paintings, display commemorative coins, and hang picture frames within their areas. This will unleash their creativity, motivating them to work hard and smart daily.

Get creative with your walls

If you visit a conventional office, you’ll notice that the walls and lighting are all in plain white. This may be an attempt at keeping the employees alert and awake during office hours. But this dull environment can be cold and unwelcoming.

Office areas run by millennials and creative bosses are now splashed with different colors, designs, and artworks. When you walk in, you’ll immediately notice how fun and inviting it is to work there. You can achieve the same by getting creative with your walls. Instead of dull, white paint, you can paint your walls with a livelier color. Decorate the rooms with custom artworks. Such design moves will inspire creativity among your team and help portray your brand image.

Add a hint of color

If you’re not keen on having an office area with walls completely painted red or pink, you can opt to be more conservative with how you breathe life into your office. You can add splashes of color subtly. For example, you can paint your walls a neutral shade and pop in some statement furniture or bright office chairs for a hint of color.

Invest in decorative lighting

Plain, white lightbulbs were so yesterday. What’s trending nowadays are decorative pieces of lighting that make the office area look warm and inviting. Get creative with your lights and choose areas where you can install industrial lamps or pendant lights. These light fixtures will provide a warm, comfortable ambiance for common areas and break rooms.

Have a clutter-free policy

As much as possible, you want your employees to be free to decorate and personalize their work areas. But if there’s one decoration rule you should have, it’s to maintain an organized and clutter-free work station. There’s nothing that makes an office look bad more than clutter. So make sure everyone’s doing their part in staying organized.

Gone are the days when dull office areas were the standard. Now, employers are starting to do what they can to make their offices a more fun and inviting environment. Take these tips and transform your dull office to a place that fosters creativity and productivity.

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