20 Popular Ways To Make Bedroom Romantic In 2023

  • Decorate a bedroom for a romantic night using colors and textures from pinks to earthy browns.
  • Some romantic ideas for her in the bedroom include flowers, wall decor, and artwork to reflect you as a couple.
  • Try a romantic room set up for him with furniture, a reading nook, and scents to awaken the senses.
  • The right drapes, bedding, and adding a personal touch can evoke nostalgia and mood.
  • Learn how to decorate bedroom for romantic night using a romantic corner and keeping technology out of the room.

If you are seeing someone serious, it is healthy for you to have home dates once in a while. You will just spend a night together, doing whatever you want. For these dates to work, you should have a romantic bedroom prepared. If you are planning a home date with your partner, these are five reliable tips to make the bedroom romantic:

20 Best Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Romantic

Making a romantic bedroom is all about reflecting on who you are as a couple. When you start your home improvement ideas for couples, check out these 25 of the best ideas to help you know how to set the mood in your bedroom. Take a look at our romantic room setup ideas and ways to make bedroom romantic. 

1) Choose a Romantic Color Scheme

The first step in making your bedroom romantic may involve choosing a color scheme. You might start with paint or wallpaper on the walls but contrast throughout the room can elevate the mood and keep the room feeling more sensual.

Light and Soft Colors

If whites and beiges are your desire, create a bit more sophistication with contrasting dark woods and accent pillows and throws in brighter colors. 

Red and Pink Shades

Shades in blushing pink or passionate red can set the mood for a romantic setting in the bedroom, but resist the temptation to go overboard. Delicate florals should be juxtapositioned with strong patterns and prints if you are considering how to set up a romantic bedroom for him. 

Earthy and Natural Tones

Blues, greens, and browns can set the scene for an outdoor oasis in your home. A romantic bedroom setup could include a fern green floral duvet paired with robin egg blue throw pillows or orange rust wallpaper with earthy brown picture frames. 

2) Add Soft and Cozy Textures

Setting up a romantic bedroom should make your bed and the room look very inviting. Mixing strong textures, soft linens and throws will set the scene for a romance in bedroom environment. 

Velvet Throws and Pillows  

You may have heard of Hygge ( the mood of coziness in Danish and Norwegian), but how do you create that Hygge when creating a romantic bedroom of your dreams? Try velvet throws and pillows! How to set up a romantic bedroom for her? Give your lady some cozy throws to curl up next to a window seating area. 

Furry Rugs and Carpets

Keep the Hygge flowing with furry carpets or area rugs to hug your feet as you walk about the space. If you are considering romantic hotel room ideas for him, make your bedroom feel like the ultimate getaway by keeping everything comfy and decadent. 

Satin Bedding and Curtains

Madonna taught us that satin sheets are romantic, but if you haven’t tried them yet, you may also find they are quite practical! No romantic bedroom set up is complete without satin bedding. They have the added benefit of being more hygienic, wicking away moisture, and helping cool your body down for a more restful sleep. It’s how to make a romantic night in the bedroom done right. 

3) Decorate with Flowers and Plants

Nature lovers and lovers of cleaner air alike will appreciate some greenery in the boudoir. Your romantic setting at home should bring a bit of the outdoors in and be part of your ways to make bedroom romantic. 

Add a Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

To create a romantic set up for her, bring home her favorite bouquet for the bedroom. And think outside the box – roses are gorgeous, but some prefer lilies, hydrangeas, or cheery flowers like daisies. 

Place Potted Plants around the Room

Live or fake plants can make your room feel like a garden of love. Choose live plants that will clean the air, such as spider plants, bamboo palms, or peace lilies.

Hang Flower Prints on the Walls

Bedroom romance in a smaller space may mean you don’t have lots of table tops to arrange plants. You could take or buy pictures of your favorite greenery and display them on the walls. 

4) Add a Romantic Accent Wall

When creating a romantic room set up for him, keep things masculine and romantic. Accent walls can play an integral part in creating balance. Consider an accent wall in your home renovation plans.

Choose a Romantic Wallpaper

Romantic setting ideas may begin with wallpaper evocative of a treasured vacation or a favorite place you like to share as a couple. Or maybe it’s indicative of a place you hope to go. 

Paint with Soft and Cozy Colors

Making a room romantic means it should always be inviting to you and your partner. Blues and greens are soothing but choose colors you both find relaxing. 

Install a Wood Paneling or Brick Wall

Wood and Brick can be reminiscent of a rustic cabin or ski lodge. What could be more sensual than reminding your loved one of a night after skiing or out in nature?

5) Incorporate Artwork and Wall Decor

Art can speak to who you are as an individual and a couple. Romantic bedroom ideas for him might include a boudoir shot or artwork which inspires you. 

Hang Romantic Paintings or Prints

Romantic room set up would not be complete without paintings to pull the room together. Romantic photos of the two of you, particularly in a classic black and white print, may be just what the room needs. 

Add a Gallery Wall of Love Quotes

Look for a quote that is significant to your love story. Try custom-made quotes when brainstorming ‘how to make a romantic bedroom for my husband or wife. They will add a personal touch to endear you to one another. 

Install Wall Sconces and Shelves

Sconces can add romantic lighting and give you each a personal reading light for those late reading sessions. Shelves will help to break up the wall space and can hold love sonnets or picture albums of your family. 

6) Choose Romantic Bedroom Furniture

Add some romantic furniture to make your bedroom a refuge from the rest of the house. It will be your little getaway.

Upholstered Headboard

Texturing and soft fabrics on the headboard can be another step in pulling you into the alluring environment. They can contribute to the romantic mood of the bedroom.

Canopy Bed

A canopy bed – with or without draping- can easily create a romantic mood. Sometimes the canopy bed is a more dramatic statement piece without the draping, so your eyes are drawn upward through the banister posts. 

Chaise Lounge or Love Seat

If the space in your bedroom allows it, a seating area can be an inviting arrangement for a drink or snuggle.

7) Use Scents to Set the Mood

We know how to make a romantic night in bed using candles – but using scent to alight the senses does not end there. 

Add Essential Oils to a Diffuser

Romantic bedroom ideas for date night could include the use of essential oils. Be mindful of scents that will be pleasing to both of you. 

Use Scented Candles and Incense

Candles not only set the mood with romantic lighting but can also provide pleasing scents. Incense comes in a wide variety.

Place Fragrant Flowers or Potpourri

Your romantic room setup may already include beautiful fresh flowers. Hopefully, you chose florals with sweet fragrances. Try potpourri – it lasts longer and can be refreshed with essential oils.

8) Create a Cozy Reading Nook

A romantic bedroom setup can include a relaxing place where you can both read your favorite books.

Add a Comfy Chair and Ottoman

Although a chair is built for one, it’s a little touch to show you care about your partner’s needs. And maybe you can pull up the ottoman for a seat and offer your lover a foot massage!

Install a Bookshelf or Magazine Rack

Clutter is not charming or enticing. In your romantic bedroom set up for him, including all his favorite books and magazines and a tidy place to store them.

Place a Reading Lamp and Blanket

Your romantic room setup for her could include a beautiful lamp and a blanket to snuggle up in while reading. 

9) Hang Dreamy Curtains and Drapes

Using curtains and drapes can help to create a little world away from everything else.

Install Sheer or Lace Curtains

Opaque curtains can dapple the light to evoke a picturesque environment no matter the time of day.

Choose Velvet or Satin Drapes

How to make a bedroom romantic? It can be as easy as luxurious drapes. If you don’t care for the textures on your bed, try them as window treatments instead. 

Add Curtain Tiebacks or Holdbacks

Letting lots of light in can be just as important as moody lighting. Choose tiebacks that accentuate and contrast your fabric and the room decor. 

10) Choose the Right Mattress and Bedding

When you begin to ponder how to create an intimate bedroom, the bed is probably the most important part. 

Invest in a Comfortable Mattress

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Feeling comfortable and waking rested and energetic will be greatly impacted by the quality of your mattress.

Choose Soft and Cozy Bedding

If satin isn’t to your liking, choose bedding that is comfortable for you and helps lull you to sleep. It doesn’t matter how good your mattress is if your bedding leaves you tossing and turning. 

Add Decorative Pillows and Throws

Pillows and throws may be pushed to the side when bedtime comes, but they’ll tempt you to climb into bed when it is fully made. 

11) Add a Personal Touch

Let romance into the bedroom by adding a personal touch that defines you two as a couple.

Hang Personalized Photos or Artwork

Display pictures of one another. Create an original piece for your loved one if you have the inclination!

Display Souvenirs from Romantic Trips

Incorporate souvenirs from your most amorous getaways. Small reminders of precious times spent together can ignite feelings of nostalgia and passion. 

Add Items that Reflect Your Personal Style

Always keep your style and personality in mind when designing your home and bedroom. The more your space feels like ‘you,’ the more comfortable it will feel.

12) Create a Romantic Corner

In addition to the bed, create a sanctuary for drinks or a late-night meal for two. 

Add a Comfy Rug and Cushions

Comfort is paramount and luxurious rugs can cradle your toes. Cushions and pillows are cozy and aesthetically pleasing in creating layers and depth.

Use Mood Lighting and Cozy Textures

You never want a space to feel one-dimensional. The right lighting and textures create a warm mood and elevate the space. 

13) Use Mirrors to Enhance Romance

A romantic bed setup using mirrors can bounce the light to make the space feel bigger and be as impactful as artwork. 

Install a Full-Length Mirror

Be careful of the placement of a mirror – especially full length. You don’t want the reflection to be garish or to reflect something you’d rather not see, like a messy corner.

Place Decorative Mirrors on the Walls

Don’t go overboard with the mirrors. Keep it understated with a lovely frame that complements the room as a whole. 

Use Mirrored Furniture and Accessories

Mirrors are not restricted to frames on a wall. Check out mirrored furniture such as side tables, dressers, and shelving.

14) Create a Romantic Canopy

Chances are, when you think of how to make a room romantic, you think of the quintessential romantic canopy. 

Install a Bed Canopy

If you do not have a canopy bed, fear not! You can create the same cocoon effect by hanging draping directly from the ceiling. 

Use Hanging Curtains or Sheers

Add some charming curtains. They can create mood lighting simply without the need for additional floor lamps. 

Add String Lights or Lanterns

Save your twinkle lights for the holidays and bring them into the bedroom for extra intrigue.

15) Decorative Accents and Knick-Knacks

Delicate touches can add charm and individuality to your space.

Place Decorative Trays and Bowls

Functional or simply beautiful, trays and bowls can add visual interest to your bedroom. 

Use Romantic Figurines and Sculptures

Express sentimentality with sculptures that are significant to your love story. 

Add Decorative Boxes and Books

Choose books you can both enjoy and boxes for watches or jewelry. Display books on a tidy shelf to keep your room organized.

16) Keep Technology to a Minimum

‘Alexa’ can be great for adding alluring music, but TV, laptops and phones can divert your attention from your partner. Make this a part of your house maintenance.

Choose the right type of music

Music boosts the romantic mood of any room. It can be your choice of music that you will play that could make or break the night’s mood. Make a playlist of your favorite Prince or Marvin Gaye songs and then play them on your reliable speakers. You will find that your evening will become more romantic by the time you reach your second song.

Remove TV and Electronics from the Bedroom

Cuddling up to watch a favorite show or movie can be a great start for how to have romantic night in the bedroom. It’s also important to create a boundary between the tech and your intimate time. Put electronics in a drawer and have the option to close the TV away to create a time just for the two of you. 

17) Build a fireplace in your bedroom

Romantic fireplace

There are a few things in a house that is more romantic than a fireplace. Fireplaces set a romantic mood, especially during colder nights as people tend to cling to warm areas. It is not common to see fireplaces in bedrooms as they are more likely seen in the living room so you should make sure that you want to do it.

To set a romantic mood in your bedroom whenever you want to, you may want to contact a shop that sells antique fireplace surrounds.

18) Make sure the room is as clean as possible

There is nothing else in the world that can reduce romantic tension than a messy and disorganized bedroom. The usual culprits for this are the dirty clothes and even papers that you usually leave around. You should also keep opened beauty products and unused beddings out of view.

This way, people will not be distracted by the mess in your room. You should also bring air freshener in your bedroom so that it will smell great.

19) Put some candles in your room

Romantic candlelit dinner

As with most romantic situations, lighting is everything in your bedroom. To set the romantic mood, you might want to keep the illumination dim. Candles are going to be especially useful for this.

The suggestion is to pick out scented candles as they exude adequate light and a pleasant scent. Just ensure you put the candles in areas in the room where it will be less likely to cause a fire.

20) Keep pets away

You do not want to be itching in your bedroom. That is probably the most unromantic thing you can ever do in front of your partner. This is why you should keep your pets away as much as possible from the bedroom. Not only do dogs and cats leave fur everywhere, having the pets near the room could distract you and your partner. Designate areas in your house where the pets are only allowed so you will know when to put them in the cage or on a leash.

On the whole, you will be assured of a romantic date by doing the tips mentioned above. It may not always go smoothly, but the romantic mood will help a lot.

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