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9 Promotional Items For Your Employees

Giving out promotional items during seminars, client meetings, and special events is a form of marketing that every smart brand does. However, don’t limit those promotional items for clients and customers only. Your employees are more than happy to receive free company swag, too.   Here are the best promo items that you can give to your teams:

1. Reusable water bottles

Do you want an item that helps save the environment and serves as promotional advertising? A reusable water bottle can achieve that. Branded water bottles are generally inexpensive to produce, and they last for years. Not to mention that your employees can use them everywhere, from the office to the gym, and even to restaurants.

2. Portable chargers

Employees, especially those on the field, can significantly benefit from portable chargers. They can use it to keep their phone juiced during commutes, in special events, and while they’re traveling for business.

3. Lunch bags

woman wearing tote bagPromote healthy eating among your employees by giving them branded lunch totes. Employees who already bring lunch to work will surely enjoy the new lunch bag, and employees who don’t usually bring lunch may now be inspired to do so. Not only do these lunch bags serve as portable promo material, but it will also help employees save money and avoid eating fast food.

4. Sweatshirts and jackets

Outer apparel with your company’s logo on it can increase brand awareness because your employees will most likely be wearing them outside the office. Aside from that, sweatshirts and jackets can keep employees warm in an office with the AC blasting.

5. Games

Everybody loves games. Keep your employees occupied during breaks and game days with custom board games, playing cards, dice, and other fun, competitive games.

6. Headwear

Increase employees’ company pride by giving them something they can wear on a daily basis, like hats. Apart from the usual ballcaps, you can also produce custom beanies, visors, headbands, and visors.

7. High-quality pens

Reserve the high-quality ink pens for your employees who will benefit from the most. Give your employees high-quality pens to use on their desk, during meetings, and especially when dealing with clients.

8. Hygiene kits

Hygiene kits are usually ignored until you suddenly find yourself needing a pair of tweezers. Thus, your employees will greatly appreciate a kit with nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, hand sanitizer, mini bottles of shampoo and lotion, and other hygiene essentials that they can keep in their desk drawers.

9. Sneakers

Any pair of shoes that are free will be greatly appreciated by your employees, more so if they are custom-made. Branded sneakers may be more expensive to produce, but it’s an investment that will last long. Your employees will most likely wear these shoes multiple times a week, if not on a daily basis.

Do you want to give your employees memorabilia that they will actually love? If you’re tired of the usual pens and notebooks, these are the best promotional items that you can give away in your next company event.

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