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Affordable, Safe, Outdoors: Why Living in Boise Could Be the Best Fit for You

If you’re in search of a change of pace and scenery, preferably somewhere quiet with great outdoor attractions but also enjoying access to the conveniences of modern city living, Boise might be your ideal next living destination. Here’s a closer look at why recent trends and developments have pushed this beautiful city higher up in popularity among the best places to live in the country.

The cost of living

Perhaps one of the best reasons to move to Boise is its affordability. The City of Trees was ranked sixth on the 2017 CNBC list of cheapest cities to live in across the nation, thanks to low energy bills and housing costs. With housing considered to account for one-third of household income on average, this can translate to a significantly lighter restriction on your budget.

It’s true that with the city’s population growth in recent years, the price of excellent properties has gone up, but even if you spend a bit more on your dream home, the median cost is still below the national average. And in the event of an emergency, you can take out short term installment loans in Boise to cover extra expenses in a pinch. You’ll need to factor in the future cost of payments, and you can work within a tighter budget when the prices of utilities and food are so affordable.

The growing economy

While several people relocate to Boise as the place to spend their retirement years, it’s also a great scene for seeking out new employment or starting up a business. The key growth indicators across Idaho are found in the southwest area of the state where Boise is located, also known as Treasure Valley. This is where you’ll find the concentration of population influx and job opportunities. After being hard hit by the last recession, economic growth in Boise has outpaced the national average, with job growth figures at 4.1% in 2017 and business-friendly tax rates and regulation encouraging to tech startups in particular.

The beautiful outdoors

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Few places anywhere in the country can match the opportunities for outdoor recreational activities, combined with the mild weather throughout the four seasons that Boise has to offer. You can take to the hills and mountains for hiking and biking all year round. Around wintertime, northern areas like the Bogus Basin give locals the chance to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. The summer draws people to the Boise River for cooling off and relaxing, as well as water sports such as fly fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and white water rafting.

Lifestyle in the city

You don’t need to venture far from home to enjoy the city’s attractions. While public transportation options are still being improved, commute times across Boise are short, thanks to a lack of traffic. It’s also very bike-friendly with its Greenbelt spanning 26 miles along the Boise River and running through the entire city. With a very low crime rate and plenty of family-friendly activities as well as cultural attractions, nightlife, and some unique food options – there’s a thriving Basque community, and places to try out the region’s famous potatoes – you’ll always find something worth your while when you go out.

All of these features and factors have combined to make Boise one of the most attractive places to live in right now for many people across demographics. Pay a visit, scout out some properties, and call the City of Trees your home for the future.

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