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How Can You Avoid These Expensive House Repairs?

Every homeowner thinks about the big house repair projects that require a huge investment of time and money from time to time.

It may be something as relatively small as changing out an old, outdated heating system or repairing exterior cracks in foundation walls that are letting rainwater seep into your basement. Although these repairs can be expensive, they should not be considered together with some of the more serious house repair projects that are truly the most expensive.

The following list of home repairs includes several items that should concern every homeowner who would like to avoid paying for major house repairs.

Foundation repair

Your home would be at risk if it was erected in an area where the soil tends to swell with rainfall and shrink during droughts. If your foundation is shifting and your walls are cracking, seek professional help immediately. Do not wait until you see a wall bulging out by an inch or two — that means the problem has been developing for some time now, and the damage may be extensive.

If you have ever seen noticeable gaps between your floor tiles, you can be sure that other parts of your home are also shifting. The longer you put off the problem, the worse it will get. The best thing to do is call a contractor and take care of this issue immediately.

Roof repair

A new roof is not particularly expensive, but if you put it off for too long, you’ll find yourself with a leaking roof that will cost much more to repair. If your roof tiles are curling up or your shingles are missing or curling at the edges, contact the roof leak repair in your area right away.

Leaks are easy to find during the winter when snow accumulates on roofs, but leaks can also develop during other seasons. Remember that you will need professional help if your problem is anything more serious than a few missing shingles or small cracks between tiles.

Hot water heater repair

A dripping faucet or a clogged drain is among the most common house repairs that do not require professional help. Repairing a hot water heater, however, is another story. If the pilot light goes out regularly, it’s time to call in a licensed pro. You can try to relight it yourself, but if this does not work, it means you have a gas leak, and this is a serious problem that can result in carbon monoxide poisoning if not detected and solved.

Basement waterproofing

This may be a difficult investment of time and money, but it’s crucial to avoid major foundation repairs or costly water damage every time there is a good amount of rainfall. The first step is to have a dry well installed, which will prevent water from seeping into your basement. If you have already had flooding problems or cracks in the foundation that may allow water through, it’s time to invest even more money in waterproofing materials.

Water damage restoration

Once some of these major repairs are underway, you will need a restoration company to step in and make sure the job is done right. But homeowners should not wait until water damage from a leaking roof or burst pipe makes these repairs necessary – take care of your home’s most expensive house repairs before they become an issue.

termite damage on wood

Termite Damage

Termites are among the most expensive house repairs that homeowners can face. If you spot any signs of termite damage, such as small piles of wings around your home, don’t delay — contact a pest control company to prevent further damage and get rid of these bugs before they infest your home and eat away at its structure. Termites also cause wood rot, which can become another very expensive problem if not detected soon enough.

HVAC repair

If your heating system is malfunctioning or starting to make weird noises, it’s time to call in a professional. Replacing an HVAC system is not among the most expensive house repairs homeowners can face, but neglecting small problems like this for too long will eventually lead to costly repairs that should have been done earlier.

Sewer Back-up

As with other plumbing repairs, professionals should be called in quickly if you suspect your sewer system may have a blockage. If the problem is not detected soon enough, it can lead to more serious problems like major flooding or sewage leaks. If you notice even the smallest sign of trouble (a drain that gets clogged easily, for example), don’t delay!

Smoke Damage Restoration

Anyone who has lived through a house fire knows how important it is to take care of the issue right away. Leaving damage from fires can lead to other very difficult issues to solve, if not impossible. It’s also crucial for insurance purposes that you do not try to fix the damage yourself — your home will have to be inspected by a pro before you can get compensated.

If you are struggling with any of the most expensive house repairs, don’t hesitate to call in a professional. They will help identify problems and fix them before they escalate into major issues that require even more money or time investments. You can avoid these costly situations by taking care of your home now, so it doesn’t have anything go wrong down the line.

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