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Budget Photography Tricks for Your Business’s Social Media Campaign

Social media is the hot spot of modern marketing. When you’re able to create an aesthetically appealing page with eye-catching photos, people are more likely to hit that follow button. Better yet, it becomes easier to convert your traffic into sales. The question in most small businessowners’ minds is this: how do you do that when you don’t have the budget?

While there are many platforms that offer free stock photos some come with legal risks of using free image platforms. It’s always best to allot funds for original photos to be used on your social media campaigns, there are ways that you can create a successful one with the resources you have now. The trick is to learn the basics of a good photo composition so that it can deliver your brand well to its target audience.

Candids Make You Appear Genuine

There’s nothing wrong with product shots that highlight its best qualities. People nowadays value photo proof that what you’re selling is as high quality as you claim them to be. If you’re selling clothes, for example, having them modeled will increase your engagement. Here’s what most people get wrong about modeling their products, though: they assume that they need to hire professional models all the time. That’s simply not true. Social media nowadays promote diversity and authenticity, which opens the door for all kinds of people to model your products. They don’t have to learn how to pose like supermodels either because candid is very much appreciated on social media.

Speaking of candid, why not take behind the scenes photos of your staff prepping your goods? Is it time for your top ten finds for winter? Take candid photos of people positioning a Spyder girls ski jacket in front of a camera. Make your model choose her own winter gear for the photoshoot and take pictures as she does it. Capture moments of fun where everybody’s laughing as they do their work.

Candid photos let your customers have a glimpse of the people behind the brand. When they see the faces of the people who deliver their goods, they’re more likely to trust your company.

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It’s Time to Embrace the Grid

Do you ever feel that your photos lack balance? This is exactly what the grids on your smartphone aim to fix. If you’ve ever used them and tried to fit your subject in the middle box, then you’re missing the point.

The grids are there to help you utilize the rule of thirds. This means that your subject should always be placed where the lines intersect. By doing this, you’re giving your photos breathing space.

Take for example a picture of a skyscraper. Instead of putting it in the center, you can move your camera to the right or to the left so that it’s within the points of intersection. This enables the sky to emphasize the subject and give your viewers breathing space to enjoy it. The same applies to all photos, regardless if you’re subject is a person, an article of clothing, or an animal. Enable the grid in your smartphone or SLR camera and apply the rule of thirds to capture more appealing photos.

Try a New Perspective

Exciting photos come with exciting perspectives. This is why you’ll see many influencers and companies on social media taking photos from different angles. The eyes naturally gravitate to these interesting shots because they’re not viewpoints that are readily accessible.

Some of the most captivating perspective shots include shooting from a low angle. People, objects, and scenarios look different when viewed from the bottom. A lot of things will appear bigger and dominating, and if that’s what you want your viewers to feel, then this is an angle worth squatting for.

Alternatively, you can also get high and point your camera lens down at your subject. There’s an added thrill to photos that are taken from high places, which is a good way to make your viewers make an emotional association with your products.

Simplicity Works Best

When planning your photos, go for simple shots taken with high-resolution cameras under natural lighting. Follow the rule of thirds and take candid shots of the people in your team. Producing photographs that captivate your target audience shouldn’t be difficult if you use the right elements and composition.

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