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Follow These Tips and Make Money From a Facebook Group

Facebook has definitely gone a long way since its creation. From merely connecting students within a university campus to the social media giant it is today, Facebook has certainly made significant changes in the way people connected with each other and lived their lives.

More than just an avenue to reconnect and stay connected with loved ones, it has also become a great marketing tool for businesses and entrepreneurs. Since almost everyone is on Facebook, it is now a necessity for companies and corporations to have their Facebook and other similar social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, among others.

That being said, folks are aware of the potential increase in reach that owning a Facebook account generates. And this isn’t true only for corporations and businesses. Even individuals have jumped on the Facebook money-making bandwagon. They have started using their own personal accounts for trade and commerce or have created another account exclusively for business.

But more than just utilizing a personal account to earn, did you know that you can also make money off of Facebook groups?

8 Tips on How You Can Monetize Your Facebook Group

Facebook groups are primarily created to build communities and network with people who have the same interests as you. Almost all Facebook groups have a central theme of identity that is common to all its members. For instance, there are a lot of different Facebook plant groups, tuner car groups, toy hauler travel trailer groups, and a whole lot more. In fact, the possibilities are limitless.

These groups consist of anywhere between hundreds to tens of thousands of members. Imagine the network you have, and all the possibilities it can bring to your business.

Here are some of the ways that you can monetize Facebook groups.

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Tip #1: Sell your products or services to the group’s members

Perhaps the easiest way to make money in the groups is to take whatever product or service you are selling and post it in the groups.

Tip #2: Charge a minimum subscription or membership fee

If you own or help run a premier group, you can charge for subscription or membership fees to give people access to exclusive and important content about a particular topic or interest, like an elite GT-R Club or fitness community.

Tip #3: Generate some leads

This option will mostly apply to those who offer high-ticket items like special services or corporate training. The group can be used to advertise their work profile by posting them for everyone to see, in hopes that it will get people interested in their services enough to generate leads and conversions.

Tip #4: On top of your main offering, offer additional services

For instance, if you’re offering products like corporate accounting or graphics design, you can also add on certain services that are exclusive to the group like personal coaching and mentoring.

Tip #5: Sell webinar tickets and passes

If you have access to resource speakers or online event organizers that are related to the main theme of the group, you can offer exclusive tickets and passes to the groups at special rates.

Tip #6: Do some affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to earn online which can also be done in Facebook groups. However, just make sure that the products you are linking to and selling are related to the group’s interest, otherwise, you might get the boot or, if you own the group, your members might leave.

Tip #7: Create products tailor-fit for the group and its members and sell them

If you’ve developed a certain level of familiarity with some of the members, you can create a product that’s tailor-fit for a select group of people within the group itself. For instance, if you belong to a toy group and you have skills in customizing toys, you can offer your services to fellow collectors who are interested in customized toys to add to their collections.

Tip #8: Sell the group rights

If you own a Facebook group and you’ve somehow grown it to a significant number of members, depending on how large the group is, you can actually sell your group to interested buyers. A lot of companies are interested in buying a community because that is already a captured market for them. They are willing to pay a handsome price because, in a sense, you already did the work for them by gathering people under one banner. However, this one should not be rushed and must be given plenty of thought.

The next time you visit one of the Facebook groups you belong to, take note of the different opportunities for you to serve the community and earn at the same time.

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