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Gaming Setup for Professional Gamers: A Handy Guide

Playing games for a living has always looked like an unrealistic kid or teenager dream. This, however, is no longer a fantasy today. E-sports has become increasingly popular in recent years. The e-sports market is on track to exceed $1.5B in revenue by 2023.

If you want to turn your passion for gaming into profit, you could pursue the career of a professional gamer. You could make a living by playing games by joining tournaments and sponsorships. You could also become a YouTube gamer by recording long YouTube videos of your gameplays or livestreaming your matches for your audience.

Having gaming skills, however, won’t be enough to help you succeed in the e-sports industry. You also need to make sure that you have a great gaming setup. Purchasing a computer built for gaming may initially seem expensive, but the investment is worth it, as you can run the newest game releases at the highest possible settings without encountering any technical issue.

What You Need for a Gaming Setup

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There are certain components every professional or e-sports gamer should have to create the ultimate gaming setup. When shopping at a tech store, make sure you purchase the following:

Gaming PC

You have two options for a gaming computer. The first is to buy a pre-built PC. This is the choice for gamers who prefer to have everything in one go.

The other option is to build your PC. Having a custom computer means that you have full control over what goes in your system. You call the shots on the RAM, storage drive, graphics card, motherboard, cooling fan, power supply unit and other components that go into a CPU.

You might be thinking, “Do I have to buy a desktop PC?” The answer is not necessarily. You could buy a gaming laptop if you prefer. This option is for e-sports and professional gamers who value portability in their devices.

Gaming Monitor

A fancy monitor is vital for your gaming experience for obvious reasons. First, you can see everything clearly. Second, you can appreciate how the gaming action unfolds before your eyes.

When selecting a monitor for your gaming setup, make sure you factor in the resolution, screen size, aspect ratio, refresh rates and frame syncing technology.

Gaming Mouse

You can enhance gameplay comfort and boost performance when you use a gaming mouse instead of an ordinary mouse or a trackpad. When buying this gaming setup accessory, consider metrics like poll rate, liftoff distance and weight. Also, opt for a mouse that you could grip comfortably for several hours.

Gaming Keyboard

A high-quality keyboard will heighten your gaming performance and take your gameplay to another level. When getting this gaming setup component, consider the keyboard type (mechanical vs. membrane), key switches, keyboard size, polling rate, backlit illumination and build quality.

How to Configure Your PC for Optimal Gaming Performance

Make sure you turn on Game Mode when setting up your gaming PC. Source: Pinterest

Having all the equipment for your gaming setup isn’t enough. You should also take steps to eke every bit of performance out of your computer. Here a few tweaks to help you get the most out of your PC:

Turn on Game Mode

If your gaming computer supports Game Mode, enable this to squeeze the best gaming performance out of Windows 10. Turning this feature on is simple. Hit Windows key + I, type game mode on the search bar and choose “Turn on Game Mode.” Flip the switch to on, and you’re good to go.

Adjust Your Refresh Rate

Many plop some serious cash on a premium-quality monitor, only to realize months later that they’re not using the device’s gaming features. If you bought a high refresh rate monitor that operates at 144Hz or above, you’ll need to enable the refresh rate.

Make your way to Settings > System > Display. Then, click on Advanced Display Settings and choose the highest possible refresh rate. This will give you smoother gameplay.

Update Your Graphics Drivers

Graphics card manufacturers, such as NVidia and AMD, regularly issue driver updates that include optimizations for new game titles. Make sure you keep your drivers up to date, so you can enjoy boosts in gaming performance.

How to Improve Your Existing Gaming Setup

After you’ve tweaked your computer, the next step is to enhance your overall gaming setup. Take note that anything that you may dislike about your gaming space will affect your gameplay performance. The last thing you want is to get distracted by the components surrounding your setup.

Follow these gaming setup ideas for a clean and comfortable gameplay space:

Get PC Gaming Furniture You’ll Love

Start by getting a top-quality table that’s big enough to house your PC, keyboard, mouse and other components.

Next, buy a good gaming chair. Look for ones that will keep your posture straight and support your back. After all, you’re going to spending a lot of your time sitting in front of your PC.

Tame Your Computer Cords

Hanging and disorganized cords are an eyesore. Zip tie these wires and keep the cords taut to minimize dangling.

Invest in a USB Desk Fan

Staying cooped up in your game room during the summertime can make you hot, sweaty and uncomfortable, especially if you don’t have an air conditioning system. Stay cool by getting a USB desk fan. Opt for a bladeless fan, so you could enjoy the cooling breeze without drowning out the sound of your PC game.

Get set for countless hours of mind-tingling and exciting games by coming up with an awesome gaming setup. Having a great gaming computer and accessories will allow you to enjoy what you do best — play games, win matches and have fun.

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