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Here’s How to Stop Google Updates from Ruining Your Business

Google updates. These words strike fear in the hearts of most online sellers, giving them sleepless nights. Unfortunately, Google, the 800-pound gorilla on internet scene, seems to be on an update bender. The search engine rolls out search engine updates with surprising regularity.

While some of the updates are relatively harmless, others are catastrophic, capable of killing up to 80 percent of a site’s organic traffic. Does that mean you’re right to have sleepless nights? Not quite — not if you have a reliable Perth-based SEO company rooting for your success.

Why so many updates?

Customer experience. Despite handling over 80 percent of the internet practice, Google is continually looking to make its users delight in its services. These updates aim to give people the best experience when using the internet.

Time is a precious commodity, and the giant search engine is keen on helping its users spend it wisely. The internet giant is on a mission to connect internet users with the most relevant information when using its search engine.

Tweaking the engines to serve up the best results at the top saves the users the need to visit too many sites. No one has the time to click endlessly on sites when looking for a product or information.

Google rolls out updates for three primary reasons. The first is to give its users the best experience and save them time. Secondly, it positions their search engine as the most effective on the market. Thirdly, they aim to lend credibility to their brand image and name.

Why do updates sting so much?

man working on his laptop and phoneIt helps to top the search engine result pages for keywords relevant to your brand and product when operating online. As such, webmasters outdo themselves to get to this coveted position. That includes employing unethical practices to edge out the competition.

Search engines use a myriad of factors when ranking websites, with the most relevant and useful sites topping the SERPs. Unfortunately, the ranking process isn’t always perfect. Unscrupulous people find and exploit loopholes to give them an unfair advantage.

Google is continually tweaking the search engines to stamp out these loopholes and ensure the most useful sites top the SERPs. Websites affected by updates often fall from the top results, resulting in a sharp decline in traffic. When that affects an E-commerce or a lead generation site, your sales will suffer.

What can you do about it?

While it’s possible to bounce back after the crippling Google update, you’re better off not falling victim. Espousing SEO practices that enhance user experience is the best way to keep safe. Remember, search engines only serve to connect internet users with the information they seek.

Prioritizing the need of your target audience will skyrocket your site’s ranking. Superior content marks you as an industry expert and will help create a massive and loyal following.

Your followers will dwell on your website and share the content with their friends. Search engines note such occurrences and will present your site first to people looking for such information.

While Google updates can be catastrophic, they need not give you sleepless night. Shunning unethical ranking practices and prioritizing the needs of your target audience will make your site immune to them while raising your ranking.

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