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How Digital Business Cards are Transforming In-Person Networking

With the rise of remote work and digital communication, Zoom and similar virtual meeting platforms like Popl and tools like the Popl digital business card have become an integral part of professional environments.

To ensure you present yourself in the best light during these virtual meetings, follow these tips and advice:

Appearance Matters

  • Dress Professionally: Just as if you were meeting in person, dress appropriately for the occasion. It helps to wear professional attire, even if it’s just from the waist up.
  • Grooming: Ensure that your hair is neatly styled and your face is well-presented.

Optimize Your Environment

  • Background: Use a tidy, distraction-free background. If that’s not possible, consider using a virtual background – but make sure it’s professional and not distracting.
  • Lighting: Natural light is best. Have the light source facing you so that your face is clearly visible without shadows.
  • Noise: Choose a quiet location. If you’re in a noisy environment, consider using noise-cancelling headphones or software that can minimize background noise.

Camera and Microphone Etiquette

  • Camera Position: Your camera should be at eye level, allowing you to look straight into it. This fosters a more direct and engaging connection with attendees.
  • Maintain Eye Contact: Look at the camera, especially when speaking. This simulates making eye contact in a face-to-face conversation.
  • Mute When Not Speaking: To minimize noise disruptions, keep your microphone muted when you’re not talking.
  • Use a Good Quality Microphone: If possible, invest in a good quality external microphone. It can greatly improve your audio quality.

Technical Preparedness

  • Check Your Internet Connection: A stable and strong connection is essential. Consider using a wired connection if your Wi-Fi is unstable.
  • Test Equipment: Before the meeting, ensure your camera, microphone, and speakers are working properly. Also make sure to set up your digital business card and link it to your custom Zoom background.
  • Software Familiarity: Familiarize yourself with the basic functions of Zoom, such as how to share your screen or use the chat.

Be Engaged and Present

  • Avoid Multitasking: It can be tempting to check emails or do other tasks during the meeting, but this can come across as disinterest. Stay focused and present.
  • Body Language: Sit up straight, nod when agreeing, and use hand gestures naturally. Good body language can help convey enthusiasm and attentiveness.

Communicate Effectively

  • Be Clear and Concise: Virtual meetings can suffer from audio lags, so it’s important to speak clearly and get to the point.
  • Use the ‘Raise Hand’ Feature: If the platform has this function, use it to signal when you have something to say. It can prevent speaking over others.
  • Use a digital business card.

Plan Ahead

  • Have Materials Ready: If you plan to share your screen or reference documents, have them open and ready to go.
  • Agenda and Objectives: If you’re leading the meeting, provide attendees with an agenda ahead of time, and be clear about the objectives of the meeting.

Be Respectful

  • Respect Time: Start on time and aim to finish within the allocated period. Time is valuable.
  • Acknowledge Everyone: In larger meetings, it’s easy for some participants to feel overlooked. Acknowledge contributions and ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak.

Remember, as with in-person meetings, the key to a successful professional Zoom meeting is preparation, engagement, and clear communication. Adapting to the virtual format may take some time, but with practice and awareness, you can come off as confident and effective in any virtual setting.

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