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How People Are Fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic

While some countries are now coronavirus-free and going back to the “new normal,” some other nations are still fighting the pandemic and trying to “flatten the curve.” During these battles, many people suffer from the disease. Some also experience the loss of income due to mass lay-offs and business closures. Things are becoming more difficult, especially for those who have disabilities or those who belong to the low-income class.

But even if they are currently struggling, they are trying their best to survive and get through this difficult time. Many organizations are providing help to relieve financial suffering. Some even send aids for the visually impaired and others who are having a hard time accessing the things and help that they need.

Here’s how people from around the world are fighting the pandemic:

Staying Home and Avoiding Contact with Outsiders

stay home bricksIn the absence of a potent and widely accessible vaccine, authorities are saying that the best way to win against COVID-19 is to prevent its rapid spread. Governments encourage people to stay home and follow the recommended protocols to avoid getting infected or spreading the virus. For example, travel to and from other countries is still prohibited in some territories.

People are advised to avoid contact with other people outside their homes. If getting out is inevitable, such as when buying food and other supplies, proper disinfection, and the wearing of personal protective equipment such as face masks are necessary and required by local rules and regulations.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is not just a safety precaution; it’s quickly becoming the norm. Some places even treat it as a new rule for the citizens. Buses, trains, and other public utility vehicles now have barriers, and only a certain number of passengers are allowed so that proper social distancing will be observed. That is an excellent way to prevent the spread of the disease. It’s likely to stay even when the pandemic is over.

Maintaining Zero Mass Gatherings

The virus can spread quickly through physical contact or respiratory droplets. The risk of getting infected is higher in public places and event venues. That said, mass gatherings such as parties, concerts, conventions, and even some sports events were cancelled or prohibited. People are also advised to avoid public places to remain safe from the virus.

Finding More Ways to Earn

Many people lost their job because of the pandemic. That said, most of them are looking for ways to earn extra income so that they can survive and support their families. Work from home or freelance work is a popular option nowadays. A lot of freelance jobs are available online to help those who need a source of income during the outbreak.

Nurturing Their Gifts and Pursuing Their Passion

Now that there’s a global health crisis, people need to find ways to stay healthy and sane. One of the best things they can do is pursue their passion or try to do something they love, such as painting, singing, and arts and crafts.

Surviving doesn’t only mean staying alive; it means living life to the fullest, or least the way you want. Do what you have to do to remain safe; things will get better soon.

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