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How To Create A Great Customer Experience Despite The Pandemic Restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people do business. It has thoroughly changed the business landscape. Nobody knows how long the current situation will last. Meanwhile, you will need to adapt and improve your customer service to ensure that your business will survive through the pandemic.

A positive customer experience is important for your thriving business. Remember the last time that you had an exceptional experience with a brand that you were using? How did that make you feel?

A happy and satisfied customer is one who has higher chances of staying with you and becoming loyal. A happy customer is also one who would happily share their experience with their family, peers, and colleagues. They become your free walking ambassadors and brand advocates who will help build your reputation and extend your reach.

The impression you make on your customers can affect your branding efforts. One negative experience can quickly ruin your name, especially when the disgruntled customer takes his rants online. Therefore, a positive and delightful customer experience is critical for the longevity and growth of your business.

Get Your Customers Onboard

Showing a customer what you have to offer them is important. Your sale process does not end when the customer buys your product. In fact, it has only just begun.

Customer onboarding refers to the process of ensuring that your customer gets what he purchased and paid for. When your customer is satisfied with your product and gets what he agreed on, he will likely be back for more.

If you offer your expertise through contracting services, investing in a new customer, onboarding software is a must. Health authorities have imposed restrictions on meetings and gatherings due to the threat of the pandemic. Having customer onboarding software allows you to communicate with external customers efficiently.

It helps increase your team’s efficiency and manage your team and your work activities without any hassle. Your customers will also be able to track your activities and progress without the need for face to face meetings.

Understand Your Customers

customer feedbackEmpathy and understanding of the needs and situations of your customers can make a great difference. When your customers feel that their concerns are heard and understood, they react differently despite problems and issues.

Proactively reach out to your customers, especially those who have just tried your products. A follow-up email, asking them about their experience, and offering your assistance should they have concerns and questions can open an opportunity for long-lasting relationships.

This is not the time to reach out and market your new products. Rather, it is the time to reach out to show that you care for them and want to give them genuine customer support.

When your customer reaches out to you, avoid giving a templated response. Give them concrete steps on how you can help them solve their dilemma.

The pandemic limits your customers’ movements to reach out and bring their concerns to you. Ensure that your hotlines, chat support, e-mail support, and social media accounts are responsive. If your employees cannot report to work due to the same restrictions that limit your customers, adapt a remote working setup to ensure that you can provide continuous customer support.

Go Digital

While the world is on pause, your business should not be. Going out is considered risky, so don’t expect most of your customers to come out anytime soon. E-commerce has seen tremendous growth in the past, most especially when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Big names in retail, such as Target and Walmart, have adapted omnichannel selling and fulfillment. E-commerce allowed them to maintain their earnings. They are also offering online groceries that include grocery pickup services and deliveries.

The convenience and safety that online shopping brings cannot be ignored. By taking your business online, you do not only preserve your business and ensure its continuity. You also help keep your employees and customers safe. Offering your customers delivery services lets them know that you take their safety at heart, especially in this difficult period.

Improve How You Do Business To Adapt To the Changing Times

Maintaining your physical operation in the time of the pandemic presents some unique challenges. You have to think about the safety of your personnel and the safety of your customers. Create a contactless operation that will help reduce the risks of contracting the virus. Install plexiglass in your cash registers and counters to protect both employees and customers.

Implement a no-touch contact tracing procedure, such as using contact tracing apps. You can also adopt a contactless payment method, such as using RIFD-enabled cards and smartphone apps. This will lessen physical interaction and reduce the risk of passing on the virus.

Of course, a speedy payment and checkout process will help avoid congestion in your store and allow you to abide by physical distancing protocols.

To survive the pandemic, you must be aware of your customer’s needs in this time of crisis. You can survive the pandemic with a stronger relationship with your customers, which will ensure they will stay with you even when the crisis is over.

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