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Outsourcing Website Design and Development: Is It a Cost-Effective Alternative?

Your website design has an impact on your marketing strategy as it helps build trust with potential customers, boosting your customer acquisition and conversion rates.  An updated and aesthetically pleasing site also makes you stand out over the competition and encourage your visitors to explore and engage with your brand.

Building a website that drives traffic and converts visitors is not a piece of cake, however. It becomes more challenging when you don’t have enough resources to create the website yourself.

What Will it Cost to Build Your Website?

You’re likely to spend $50 to $250 or $500 to over $10,000 annually on a website. Some of the factors that affect its pricing, include:

  • The type of website – the purpose of the website plays a crucial role in the pricing since they will contain different elements. A simple blog, for instance, is usually easier to build than an online shop.
  • Domain and Hosting – these serve as your site’s home and address. You can acquire them independently or as part of a website service.
  • Basic technology – this is software that powers your website. It could be standard markup languages, like HTML or XML. It could also be content management systems, like WordPress or Drupal. The technology you use will affect your budget since each of them costs differently.
  • Components – these are additional functions, like interactive multimedia content and online payment systems, that you may need for your website. Most of these components may cost more.
  • Design and development – when you know what your website needs to do and how it will look, the coding and the building process can begin. A professional web design team can do a faster job because they’ve done hundreds of different sites.
  • Maintenance – once you have launched your website, you have to maintain it to keep it updated and enticing to your visitors.

Whether you’re just starting a business or running a small company, you’re not likely to have the time to design and build your website. An outsourced website design team will allow you to focus on the getting more clients and raising revenue for your company. More importantly, you may not have the technical skills to create the kind of website your business needs.

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What Should You Expect When Outsourcing?

For starters, determine the scope of your web project. You don’t necessarily have to start big; let your budget guide how you can start. Starting small also allows you to gauge your web design provider’s capabilities. Eventually, if you like working with the service, then you can move on to getting more pages and more functionalities for your site.

Next, know the going rate for the kind of website you need. So you’ll know whether you can negotiate the price or look elsewhere. Then make sure you have the right communication tool that allows you to track the project and talk with the team, despite different schedules or even time zones.

And because this is a project, you’ll need a project manager to oversee all the moving parts. A reliable website design service will provide one per project.

With timely communication and adequate project management, your website project should run smoothly.

Your website is a vital element of your business. It can be the first point of contact for clients or customers. When done right, it can turn into a marketing machine, converting leads into sales. And outsourcing this project may help you achieve your goals for the website, whether you wish to save money or raise revenue.

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