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Owning Your Office Space: Designing, Decorating Spaces for Maximum Productivity

When you decorate your office space, what is the ultimate goal in your mind? The problem with us is we sometimes lose sight of the goal. When we are decorating our bedrooms, the goal is for us to sleep better. In the kitchen, we want to reach and find things easily. In the living room, we want to entertain guests. When you are in the office, the goal is simple: be productive at all costs.

Do you know that you will spend a third of your life in the office? Do the math. By the time you retire, you would have already spent one-third of your life inside your office. If you plan to stay with the same company for years, turn your office space into something that will inspire and fulfill you. Make your eight hours there worthwhile and pleasant.

Own the Space

How can you say you own that space if you don’t see any semblance of your personality there? Put photos of your family and friends on your table and even on your walls. Put some photos of yourself, too. It’s a nice way to remind yourself of the most important events in your life—weddings, birthdays, travels, etc.

You can also put up some inspirational quotes on the walls. What are your favorite quotes that motivate you to work harder? For this, use general formulations 226, which is a semi-rigid calendared vinyl film that has great adhesive properties on any surface. You can print virtually anything on this vinyl film as it works with a lot of inkjet printers. The best thing about this material is it’s completely repositionable. It allows you to move the decals if you feel like changing the decor of your office.

Some employers even give their workers a small budget to renovate their offices. They know that it’s important for them to feel at home and comfortable there. Studies showed that owning one’s office space can improve productivity by as much as 32%.

If you think putting up your family’s photos on your desk is a distraction, think again. Some experts believe that people who put things that motivate and inspire them are the go-getters in the office. If you are making an effort to motivate yourself, then that’s a good sign.

Use Colors


Dingy, dark, and boring offices make you less productive than you should. Use colors to inspire and motivate yourself. Bright colors have a way of making any space feel and look livelier. You can incorporate them into your office supplies, decorations, and office furniture.

Get those stick-it notes in different colors and line them up beside your computer. You can also get different-colored gel pens for making notes (just don’t sign official documents with them). Paper clips come in different colors, too, so those are another great way to add some pop of colors into your office.

Use the psychology of colors to understand how the colors affect you. Blue is a calming color, while red is energetic. Green is calming and suitable for people working long hours while yellow makes any space look bright and happy.

Bring Plants

Whether you love plants or not, you can never deny the positive feelings plants can evoke from you. Studies have shown the positive impact of having plants in your office. Not only does it improve indoor air quality, but they also have a great effect on one’s mental and psychological health.

Just how popular is the green office movement? In big cities like London, coworking spaces have incorporated plants into their decor. They use spider plants, aloe vera, cactus, and ivy on the desks. These plants have minimal requirements when it comes to sunlight and water, making them the perfect indoor plants for any office.

Have Enough Storage Space

The enemy of productivity is clutter. There is clutter because there is not enough storage space in your office. Invest in practical and stylish storage cabinets and drawers. Make sure they have as much space as you need. Although the world has gone digital nowadays, many companies still need to keep printed copies of contracts, reports, and other documents.

Don’t allow paper, pens, and other office supplies to clutter your desk. You’ll never work as productively as you should when there are too many things on your desk or beside you. Organize your desk and see how effective it is in making you accomplish more.

Decorating your office with your likes, dislikes, and goals in mind will change the way you work. You will be more motivated, energized, and inspired when you like the office space. Think long and hard about the decorations and elements that complete your office’s look.

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