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Retail Display Suggestions for Better Business Process

Visual merchandising trends change constantly. At one point, you will showcase your products in a certain way. The next, you will remove it to follow another fad. But amidst the exhaustive list of ever-changing trends, you will come across some very effective retail display techniques. And you will want to stick with them.

According to research by Salesforce, 76% of consumers expect businesses and companies to understand their needs and expectations. Indeed if there is one general rule to follow, it is that you need to look at things from a shopper’s perspective before showcasing your merchandise on long-span shelving product displays. You need to step into the shoes of the buyer to understand their needs. In this article, we will mention some classic visual merchandising pointers that you could refer to when you do your product displays:

1. Choose the right colours.

When it comes to visual merchandising, colour is king. The right colours have the potential to draw shoppers in and capture their interest. That is an excellent first step if you want prospective buyers to notice your product displays.   You can use your brand’s colours as an accent, but be careful not to let the colours overpower the overall look and feel of your product displays. You want your shoppers to take notice of your products without getting distracted by odd or unflattering colour combinations.

2. Consider cross-merchandising.

Try cross-merchandising if you want to feature a new product. Cross merchandising is a technique where you put two different but related products side by side on your product displays. This technique is usually an effective way to encourage shoppers to buy promotional items.

3. Make labels more readable.

One of the many things that can make potential buyers turn the other way is when you make it difficult for them to access necessary information about the product you are putting on display. Labels are essential, especially for smart consumers who want to be able to read labels and compare product prices.

Here’s a tip: Walk a few steps away from your product displays while arranging your product displays per aisle. That will help you check if the labels you’re using are clear and readable. Aside from using the right colors, you also need to put a lot of thought into the font type and color you will; use for your labels as well.

4. Keep your product displays organised.

You don’t just put your products in certain aisles because there’s nowhere else to put them. There has to be logic behind it. Were the products arranged according to the price range or in alphabetical order? Since most long-span shelving designs are often adjustable, you can also arrange your product displays according to its size. Deciding on these things and communicating them effectively to your customers is an excellent way to minimise confusion and improve customer experience.

5. Feature products strategically.

As you may already know, some products have a high demand during peak seasons. For example, Christmas decorations and traditional Christmas food like ham, pavlova, and turkey are often in-demand during the Christmas season.  As a rule, you should choose a suitable spot when displaying these products. Also, make sure the area you wanted to show these products has high foot traffic so that it’s almost impossible to miss.

6. Use the right technology.

There are many visual merchandising technologies, such as interactive videos. QR codes, mobile integration, among many others. You don’t necessarily need to tick all of these boxes. However, it would be good if you could adopt at least one of these new forms of visual merchandising technology.   You can decide on the best one to use depending on the product you want to feature and the customers you want to tap to buy the product.

7. Ask the right questions.

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Are you happy with your product displays? Are they aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Do your customers like them? What else can you work on so your products can make a more significant impact on shoppers? These are just some of the questions you need to find answers to. Think out of the box. Be creative. Get other people’s opinions and be open to suggestions.

Improving your product displays is an effective way to help you raise product awareness while increasing sales. It will not be manageable at first. You will be tempted to follow trends and rearrange your displays quite often. But once you get more comfortable with the swing of things, you’ll find a set of visual merchandising techniques that will work wonders for your business.

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