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Guide to Starting a Hemp Oil Business

Hemp has been around for almost ten thousand years and was first cultivated in what is now called Taiwan. Since then, it has been used for just about everything a sustainable civilization needed. A couple of thousands of years after that, China started to cultivate its own.

China started using hemp to build different kinds of materials used for clothing and shoes. Soon after, they found out that the seeds were actually of great nutritional value, and sure enough, they eventually started extracting the oil, thus giving us the hemp oil.

Hemp has been around for centuries, and that’s kind of a statement as to how useful this plant is. However, hemp oil is currently seen in a bad light because it’s usually mistaken for marijuana, which is why hemp cultivation was banned for decades in many countries.

Different Types of Hemp Oil

The contents of hemp oil vary widely depending on which part of the hemp it came from. Some types may have a higher amount of THC, while others may have little to no amount. If you ever plan to sell hemp oil, you must understand the different types of it.

Hemp Oil

This is produced by extracting the oil from the stalk itself. Although the stalk has a significant amount of THC, the main purpose of extracting oil from it is for the cannabidiol or CBD, another chemical found in hemp which is otherwise non-psychoactive. So, for the hemp oil coming from the stalk to be legal, the THC content must not exceed 0.3 percent.

Hemp Seed Oil

Perhaps the safest extract you can get from hemp is hemp seed oil because it has a very tiny amount of THC or even CBD. So why do people still extract oil from hemp seed? Apparently, hemp seed contains healthy fatty acids, which are helpful for a wide variety of treatments.


This is purely cannabidiol oil which is extracted by using the whole plant—even the flowering part. It is worth mentioning that cannabis must be legal in the state to do this. For those states where cannabis is banned, CBD oil can still be extracted, but it must only be from the stalk.

Cannabis Oil

The type that usually has the highest percentage of THC—the psychoactive element is perhaps the Cannabis oil. It is extracted from the whole plant, which means that there is a great chance it includes a significant amount of THC enough to induce a psychoactive reaction. This means that if cannabis is illegal in a certain state, cannabis oil would also not be legal there.

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What to Prepare if You Plan to Sell Hemp Oil

Because of how groundbreaking hemp oil is when it comes to its medicinal application, starting a business by selling it can be a great opportunity for you to achieve success. However, you need to understand that selling hemp oil can be quite challenging. That’s why you need to prepare the following things if you plan to start a business in this industry.

Take Care of Legalities

Although cannabis farming has been legalized in multiple states across the country, you should keep in mind that the government still has various regulations to control this substance and ensure that it’s not harmful to the consumers. While some of these regulations are still under review, a few states may still prohibit the use of hemp oil. This product is highly scrutinized, and understanding your legal obligations and playing it safe is essential if you wish to keep your business running.

Quality Packaging

If you ever plan to bring your products across states, you need to invest in quality packaging. Make sure that the oil is stored in glass bottles instead of plastic ones. This will help preserve the oil’s quality and concentration and ensure that the product is safe from high temperatures. Furthermore, you may also want to consult a company that sells wholesale boxes. Aside from making your products easier to transport, getting the boxes at a wholesale price will also help reduce your business expenses.

Responsible Marketing

The 2018 Farm Bill has allowed the hemp oil industry to be a bit more accepted in society. However, plenty of people are still hesitant to try it because they believe that anything that comes from cannabis is still a harmful substance. That’s why you need to be responsible when marketing it. Make sure that you inform your consumers that it’s for medicinal purposes and shall not be used for anything other than that.

The time for cannabis to be recognized as an essential medicinal product is probably still far over the horizon. Hopefully, the government and a lot of people are slowly starting to realize this. We just have to be responsible when using or selling it.

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