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Stylish and Functional Bathroom: 10 Design Ideas That You Should Try Now

Are you tired of seeing the same old four walls around the toilet? Do you feel trapped every time you’re on the toilet seat? You should know by now that the bathroom isn’t just someplace you can leave unattended. It’s also an essential part of your home. Styling your home includes styling your bathroom!

Designing your bathroom can be very overwhelming, especially when you have many ideas and themes for it. There are a lot of factors that go into designing a bathroom, like looking for decorations, color patterns, and many more. It would be best to look for reliable shops like Bath Parts to provide you with the essential things you need in your bathroom.

Here are ways you can make your bathroom look less dull:

1. Add Those Heated Towel Racks

When you go for the towel after a relaxing hot bath or hot shower and discover that it is still damp from your bath earlier during the day, the bathing sensation might be significantly compromised. This is particularly the case in cold months. It’s probably something you’ve encountered, so you’ll most likely be aware of the sensation.

Try this inexpensive addition to your bathroom. A heated towel rack provides a cozy outlook on every basic bathroom out there. It can dry those damp towels and heat them up. It’s almost like you’re at the spa!

2. Get Fancy Rugs

Think beyond those essential bathroom mats you see in everyone’s house. You can invest in vintage rugs or hides for a classy upgrade. They can make your bathroom look fabulous and cozy.

Make sure to look for a high-quality rug. Rugs are necessary items in bathrooms since they provide both usefulness and aesthetics. Apart from providing a unique sense of character to the bathroom design, a fast-drying and cozy shower rug can make a massive change in your experience.

3. Display Some Paintings

Bathroom painting and architectural details are essential, if not always challenging, components of your home’s overall design scheme. You don’t want anything too elegant or costly in your bathroom because it will not be enjoyed to its total capacity if it is not appropriately exhibited.

Add some sophistication to your showers with paintings and artwork. One look at this room, and people would automatically assume you’re a connoisseur of some sort. Let your creativity flow through!

4. Garden Stools Work, Too

This seems like an odd suggestion, but it’s actually effective! Garden stools are small and stylish enough to fit perfectly in bathrooms without feeling too left out. The best part is it can come along with any color.

5. Go Green

Plants are always good options to add as decorative materials. They’re good for the environment and look very welcoming. Your bathroom will surely come to life. You do not have to fill your bathroom with many plants because they cannot survive in a cramped room. Look for small cacti or decorative plants that can withstand the moisture of your bathroom.

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6. Hang Some Curtains

Yes, curtain showers. These convenient little mechanisms have often been used to cover what needs to be covered in the shower. However, these curtains come in all colors and sizes! This gives you the opportunity to stylize your bathroom in ways that fit your theme.

7. Invest in Shelves

Everyone needs a little space, and bathrooms are no exception to this fact. Shelving systems provide both decoration and storage. This is what makes them so convenient and satisfying.

8. Add Stylized Lights

The party doesn’t start without lights! Add funky yet functional lights to your bathroom to spice it up. This is scenery and investment you’ll find to be worthwhile and refreshing.

9. Spice Up Your Mirror

Who would want a basic bland mirror? Statement mirrors are now the next best thing, and people would kill for them. The fabulous ones, at least. These mirrors will give your space a unique look compared to everyone else’s standard mirrors.

10. Change Those Bathroom Tiles

This one is the simplest yet most effective way to style your bathroom. The best part about this is that you have lots of options to choose from. Choose which pattern and material you think will match your theme—may it be glass tiles or porcelain.

The bathroom is your little escape room—at least, that’s how most people often feel. It’s a secret space for you to let out your frustrations. Even if it sounds a tad bit gross, your bathroom is your tiny sanctuary. This is why you should always keep it clean and fabulous.


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