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Types of Software Every Business Should Know About

In this day and age, a company, especially a large-scale or growing one, needs to evolve and adapt technology into its operations to be efficient, competitive, and cost-effective. As such, there are hundreds and thousands of software and brands out there offering different types of services and features to businesses: there’s vendor relationship management software, security software, project management software, and inventory management software to name a few.

So, to know which ones you need for your company, you should have a grasp of all the basic and essential business software that is available and recommended for businesses to have. Without further ado, here are the chief, essential types of software that your growing company needs:

Operations Software

Operations software or productivity software, as the name suggests, are designed to aid, manage, and even perform your business or company’s operations. At its simplest form, it could range from video editing software to basic word and spreadsheet software. However, the blanket term of “Operations Software” can include project management software which helps one manage the resources and timeline of a project, accounting software which allows one manage and process anything related to finances, office suites such as calendar applications and word processors. Industry-specific software, which is specialized for a particular industry such as industrial factory software, is also categorized under operations software.

Relationship Software


The aptly-named relationship software help businesses and companies manage relationships with staff, vendors, customers, suppliers, and other businesses. There are multiple relationship management software, but the main ones in use are customer relationship management (CRM) software which manages customer data and interaction, professional services automation (PSA) software used by professionals such as lawyers and other specialists, vendor relationship management (VRM) software which helps manage suppliers and vendors, and resource planning (RP) software which is widely used by manufacturers and distributors.

This also includes software for human resource information system (HRIS) which aids you in managing everything related to your workforce, social media management software which consolidates and provides easy access to all social media initiatives and updates, and even content management system for companies and businesses that require constant management of their website’s content.

Security Software

Security software doesn’t only help you and your company manage and fend against viruses and malware that can damage your system but can prevent and manage cyber-attacks that can steal sensitive and valuable information from your database and may even stifle your company’s entire operations. There are multiple security software available, but the most basic ones are Antivirus software (and also anti-spyware and malware) which help safeguard your system from unwanted and harmful programs and viruses, Access Control software which limits access of computers and files to authorized personnel, Firewall which keeps threats out of your system or network, and backup software which helps build a backup of your system and information.


Digitizing your business or company’s operations allows you to streamline operations and also gain access to holistic and comprehensive control of your operations, will enable you to create real-time reports for better decision-making, and safeguard information and finances. So when your business or company is ready to grow and take the next step, make sure to keep all these essential software in mind.

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