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If people call a dog “man’s best friend,” the title of internet’s best friend (and unofficial mascot) would have to go to cats.

One of the popular video categories on YouTube and other similar websites is cat videos. A news report revealed that YouTube users across the globe viewed clips titled “cat videos” more than 55 million times in 2019, which is a 40 percent rise from the preceding year.

Why are these pet videos so popular? Matt Smith, a viral expert and co-founder of the Viral Factory, credits the popularity of these furry felines to their acrobatic nature. Kittens and cats that are healthy and properly nourished love to jump and play around — and their actions can be fun to watch. People are fascinated with the cat’s ability to climb and perform amazing feats.

These furry felines, however, aren’t just the darling stars on YouTube. They’re now becoming an emerging audience.

If you like making and uploading YouTube or TikTok clips on the web, you may want to consider producing videos for cats.

What Exactly are Videos for Cats?

Photo by Sereja Ris on Unsplash

Videos for cats are clips designed for cats to watch and enjoy. The goal of these videos is to offer much-needed visual stimulation that keeps kitty’s instincts sharp and recreate a slice of the natural world for entertainment.

The “cast of characters” that are commonly present in YouTube videos for cats are mice, fish, birds and other cats. This means that you could see fish, rat, bird and cat clips designed for kitty.

Why Make Videos for Cats

Making videos for cats may seem like a weird idea at first glance, but there are benefits attached to this.

Here are a few of them:

Relieves Stress and Anxiety in Cats

Has your cat ever seemed stressed or anxious from being home alone? When you leave them alone for extended periods or during stressful events like fireworks, destructive or hyperactive behaviors can take place. What’s more, stress can lead to negative health effects, such as elevated heart rates.

A simple YouTube video may just be the solution you need to stop this anxious behavior. You could create a one- or two-minute clip, then set it on repeat to provide smoothing images and music to help calm down your furry feline. The important thing is that these clips can keep your pet’s attention and help with issues like separation anxiety and excessive meowing.

Helps You Attract Views and Pet Owners for Your Channel

If your YouTube channel isn’t doing great, you could produce great videos for cats. The market for these clips is huge, with many videos reaching hundreds of thousands of views. Some videos, like this one made by TV Bini, have over 54 million views.

The videos for cats you produce can also attract cat owners. When you name your clips properly, such as adding the keyword “video for cats” in your title and tags, you can draw pet owners who are looking for these clips. Cat owners may play your videos to calm their feline friend down or keep them engaged. This can translate to more views and watch hours.

Allows You to Earn Money on the Side

You have the option to monetize your videos for cats and earn AdSense revenue from your clips. You could find short videos that are approximately five to 10 minutes long. There are also long YouTube videos that range from a few to several hours long. These lengthy clips contain a few advertisements. If you’re trying to earn extra money, making videos for cats may just be a profitable option for you.

What Videos Do Cats Love?

Not sure what kind of content is present in videos for cats? Try searching and watching these titles from YouTube to get an idea:

CAT GAMES – Sparkling Orbs. Videos for Cats | CAT TV.

This 14-minute long YouTube video by TV Bini features colorful and sparkling orbs bouncing off the corners and crisscrossing a black screen. Although this clip may not sound particularly interesting to humans, they are a hit with furry felines once you read the YouTube comments left by their owners.

The Ultimate Videos of Birds for Cats To Watch

Paul Dinning, one of YouTube’s most prolific producers of the best videos for cats, has uploaded an 18-minute short film shot in gorgeous high-res scenes of woodland birds of Tehidy Woods, a woodland in Cornwall, England.

Cats — and their pet owners — loved the clip. Some YouTube users remarked that this 18-minute film had their furry feline looking behind the iPad to look for the birds that flew out of the screen.

CAT-TV – Boredom Blasting Fish Videos for Cats!

This two-hour video showcases a selection of discus and koi fish paired with a soothing ambient soundtrack for cats. The YouTuber based their music on environmental sounds and feline vocal communication that pique the interest of cats. The video has garnered more than 300,000 views, and both cats and pet owners loved it.

Beyond all the video content you see on YouTube for humans, there’s a growing number of clips specifically designed for furry felines. If you’re not having much luck with your YouTube channel, consider producing videos for cats. It’s a moneymaking opportunity that will help cats feel less stressed and more comfortable at home.

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