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What Small Business Owners Need to Secure Business Reputation

One misconception every small business owner needs to scrap is that they are much less vulnerable to common business threats. Since they are still trying to establish a name for their brand, no one would think to sabotage their company. But what they fail to realize is that criminals are not only after the more successful brands.

Many small businesses were put out of business due to recent cyberattacks. If you’re among the people who take their cybersecurity for granted, then you’re simply putting your business at risk. But it is important to realize that cybercrime is not the only threat. If you want to make sure that you’re protecting your reputation to the best of your abilities, consider the following:

Physical Security

Whether you operate in an office or have a physical store or a factory, it is only a must that you keep your premises secure. Aside from investing in CCTVs and high-quality locks, it is best to limit employee access to different areas of your physical space. Encourage employees to report any suspicious individuals or activities. This is not to protect only your products and employees but also your customers.

Intellectual Property Security

There are assets that only you should own and control. Your copyright, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets are your intellectual property. If you fail to protect it at all costs, you might end up in big trouble. Take advantage of non-disclosure agreements when sharing trade secrets. Register copyright so that people will know what content you rightfully own. Your brand name, logo, product name, etc. should be protected by the trademark symbol and registered trademark symbol. If you have invented a product, having it patented is the best way to secure it.

Business Data Security

data protection

Cheap routers are not enough to protect your business data. Invest in a reliable VPN, business-class firewall, and anti-virus and anti-malware apps. Enforce strict compliance to IT rules to all employees. Don’t take data backup for granted. Also, it is always a good idea to hire text archiving services so that you can keep and retrieve text messages that you have sent and received when you need them.

Security Against Reputation Damage

Not all business insurance is the same. When it comes to protecting your reputation, make sure that you have the right coverage to secure you against reputation damage. You can use reputation insurance in case an individual or another business makes claims against you or your company that can taint your image. If you made a comment that resulted in another business suffering losses, they might file a case against you. With the right premium, you can cover for the loss they have incurred.

These are four things that you should include when creating a security plan for your business. It doesn’t matter if you own a startup or a small-sized business. Your reputation can either help you build a name in the industry or pull your business down under. It is not enough that you strive to achieve a good business reputation. Protect your reputation at all costs and get the competitive advantage that you need to grow and succeed.

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