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Why Taking Care of Your Oral Health Is Important for Your Career

A 2016 consumer study report for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says about dental health and its connection to job opportunities and career growth: people with beautiful smiles appear more intelligent, wealthy, and successful. First impressions are everything, whether in dating, in social mingles, and in the professional world. If you want to put your best foot forward and look like someone a hiring manager would want to offer a job to, you need to look the part.
If you’re now having problems with your teeth and oral hygiene, you need to contact an affordable but reputable dentist. Professional dentists will know what to do with your crooked or broken teeth. They will advise you on what procedures need to be done and teach you the proper oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy.

Distract Hiring Managers from Your Credentials

A white and healthy smile conveys friendliness, attractiveness, and effectiveness, while bad teeth often show negative traits that may hinder you from getting hired. Although it is not necessarily a requirement, hiring managers often want their potential employees to be presentable. Bad teeth and poor oral hygiene that can cause bad breath will distract hiring managers from your credentials.

Present a Bad Image of the Company

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), one of their studies in 2017 said that 33% of their respondents are reluctant to smile because of tooth pain and anxiety about the condition of their teeth. Millennials, in particular, are the target of the study, with respondents aged 18 to 34. They have trouble not only in presenting themselves to prospective employers but also in socializing with others. This makes it look like the company you’re working for isn’t taking care of your dental needs.
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Bad Connotations Associated with Discolored, Broken, or Missing Teeth

Although most are aware that bad teeth do not necessarily poor oral hygiene, it does not deviate from the fact that there are bad connotations associated with having discolored, broken, and missing teeth. People see those suffering from oral health problems as lazy and undisciplined. They believe that bad teeth are a result of neglect and bad lifestyle choices. In fact, even if you have the right credentials for the job, you might find yourself overlooked, with hiring managers preferring people who are less skilled but look more presentable.

Uncertainty During Work Presentations

When you convince the hiring manager to offer you the job and still do not address your oral health issues, you may find yourself getting awkward glances when you present a report or preside over a meeting. Anyone who’s going to want to climb the corporate ladder should take care of his appearances. You must look confident and able if you want to do better at work. That’s just part and parcel of the corporate world.
The improvement of technology used in the dental industry now made dental services more accessible and even, in some cases, cheaper compared to traditional methods. Look to invest in your oral health, and you might see the difference it will bring to your job-seeking goals.

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