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Your Business Needs To Be Seen On YouTube

Going digital is nothing new. Many businesses around the world have already adapted and set up their websites, manage their social media profiles, and interact with their customers as much as possible. And blending the effectiveness of an online presence and brick-and-mortar stores has worked wonders for so many people.

However, with the current pandemic still ravaging everywhere and locking down so many people at home for their safety, the transition to online has taken on a new level. And an established online presence has become the only connection between brands and their target audience during these troubled times.

In light of this paradigm shift, today’s discussion will revolve around the famous video sharing and streaming platform – YouTube. And why we think setting up a channel for your business should become your top priority.

Why Consider YouTube?

While creating a YouTube channel for your business won’t necessarily act as the key to your company’s success. Writing it off as an optional strategy is denying your business key opportunities. Especially during a time when everything happens online, not utilizing YouTube will make you miss out on so much.

#1 Videos Are The King of Content

The bread and butter of YouTube go to videos, and when comparing all other forms of content, videos are the best out there. Unlike your run-of-the-mill blog posts, infographics, and posters, your target audience gets to see, hear, and experience your brand’s message clearer. Take, for example, putting a poster-advert up against a short and fun video, which of the two will catch and keep the attention of customers? Of course, the video will!

It also gives you more flexibility in what you want to show and lets your creative team tap into more of their potential. Plus, making videos is more exciting, and that feeling of excitement translates back into your audience.

#2 Effective Advertising

mobile phone with youtube appAbout 30 million users visit YouTube per day, and nearly 300 hours of video are being uploaded every minute. These statistics alone prove just how active and busy a platform YouTube is, and for any business, it makes it the perfect place to advertise your brand.

So, if you don’t want to go down the route of establishing a YouTube channel, you can also use the platform as an extra advertising channel that will help funnel more potential clients into your system. YouTube lets you analyze trends and utilize google surveys to narrow down and target your potential customers much easier.

So, whether you’re advertising your 3D modeling business or jewelry retouching services, uploading a video for advertising purposes will help you effectively reach more people.

#3 Customer Engagement and Interaction

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram became such a massive hit for big-name companies because they could interact with their customers. It allowed them to built strong bonds with their target audience, and this reciprocated with customer trust, encouraging more people to use their products and avail their services.

The same concept of customer engagement also applies to YouTube in community posts, membership handles, and active participation in the comment section. Interacting and talking with your audience gets you up close and personal, hearing your suggestions first-hand, and getting context in what else they expect from your product/service.

Things to Consider

Extending your brand into YouTube also comes with its fair share of challenges. Because your videos, posts, and the content you upload will represent your brand, you must put into the necessary effort to make your business look professional.

As with any form of content you post online that bears the face of your brand, its quality will reflect your company’s credibility. Fun and exciting videos will make potential clients trust and turn to your brand more, while lackluster videos will have the opposite effect. So, do consider the following before taking the leap of faith into YouTube:

  • Video Quality and Production Value: Treat YouTube as an extension of your marketing strategy and allocate the necessary budget to create engaging content with high production value. Don’t start and finish with a half-baked plan. Use YouTube to your advantage and deliver the message you want your audience to hear when they see your brand.
  • Informative and Relevance: Your content should always circle back to your brand, relay important information, and always be relevant. Focus on substance because this earns the trust of potential customers and converts them into paying clients.

Adapt and Overcome

The pandemic has forced many businesses to adapt to the current situation and overcome vastly new challenges. And among them include the complete transition to a fully-online business model. We hope that you take the benefits of using YouTube into consideration and use this knowledge to your advantage as you gain the edge against your competitors.

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