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Boost Productivity at the Office: Providing a Positive Working Environment to Employees

Companies around the world impose a high-pressure culture with the aim to drive sales up and, therefore, increase profits. However, more evidence are coming out to reveal that a cut-throat working environment is actually harming productivity and efficiency. Better treatment of employees results in improved overall performance.

Moreover, there are costs that come from pushing your staff to their limits. The American Psychological Association says that more than $500 billion is wasted from the economy due to workplace stress. Here are ways to improve the workplace:

Give Out Employee Rewards

Your employees are the heart of your company; their hard work is the reason for your continued success. If they do not feel valued, they may not feel motivated to give their best at all times. This will affect their, and your business, efficiency.

Hand rewards for those who go above and beyond their duties. You can give freebies or discounts to those who reach a certain number of sales, for example, within a month. An employee rewards program can make it easier to track and provide benefits to your staff.

If everyone does a great job, then throw a party at an expensive restaurant or give everyone a day off. Better yet, be generous with bonuses. Employees who feel like their efforts are being recognized and valued will continue to do their best.

Encourage Collaboration

For a company to succeed, several people need to work together. If one department does not agree with another, communication and, therefore, efficiency is affected.

Maintaining open and honest communication is important for collaboration between employees. Ask them directly about feedback and suggestions to improve the atmosphere in the workplace. If issues between individuals or groups arise, strive to resolve it as soon as you can and in a way that no one feels antagonized.

In addition, provide opportunities for everyone to interact. For example, occasionally schedule team getaways or have monthly dinners after office hours. These events will allow your employees to get to know each other on a deeper level and create friendships.

Equal Treatment and Opportunities for Everyone

Never make anyone, regardless of the work they have in the office, feel superior. Even if you are a boss, you need to treat everyone with respect.

The #MeToo movement revealed that workplace harassment does not just exist; it is everywhere. Numerous women came out to share their stories of sexual and emotional abuse in the hands of their bosses and male colleagues. Discrimination against gender, race, religion, etc. creates an unpleasant working environment. When issues arise, you should address them fairly. Make it clear that bigotry and bullying will not be tolerated.

Make Your Company’s Goal Clear

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The time and effort that employees invest in their work should amount to something. They must understand the roles they play within the company and the role that the company plays within society. For example, Google wants to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Facebook, on the other hand, wants to bring the world closer. It is important that your employees believe the same mission for the company to succeed.

Paying your employees their wages is not enough to ensure that they will always do a good job. Having a high-pressure and stressful company culture will only lead to decreased productivity and a high rate of employee turnover. Your company will benefit from making employees feel safe and welcome.

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