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The Most Popular Marketing Questions of New Businesses

Businesses that are just starting tend to believe one little lie: They don’t need marketing. While budget restraints are understandable, your marketing department shouldn’t get the short end of the stick. The Internet is an indispensable tool, and you should take advantage of it.

Here are the most common concerns of businesses that don’t have a stable marketing team. These questions show why every business, big or small, should invest in a dedicated marketing department to manage their digital presence.

Does SEO work?

SEO or search engine optimization is the execution of enhancing your website to increase traffic through organic search engine results. Local SEO companies in Denver provide excellent SEO services because they know this is what converts visitors into buyers and businesses into a household name.

But it’s more than just traffic to your website; SEO also saves you money. Instead of experimenting on random techniques and paying for advertising costs, SEO identifies the right marketing practices and maximizes your inbound leads.

Is blogging a critical skill to have?

Blogging remains as one of the best practices to boost your SEO. Consisting of value-adding content that solves your customers’ problems, blogs build better relationships and make your website a more credible authority on things that count.

While blogging has exceptional benefits, a better question is how to provide creative, meaningful, and constructive content for your customers. You don’t necessarily need to write well. Vlogging, webinars, and even VR are all great alternatives to this.

Which social media accounts should I open?

By being where the people are on social media, you get to give better service with proper context, engage with your customers in more meaningful ways, and feel the pulse of people interacting with your brand.

Don’t waste money by dynamite fishing for your leads on every social media. To choose the right platform, identify your buyer’s persona first. Then, examine the demographics of the biggest social media platforms to see which fits your persona best and what strategies you should employ to attract them.

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Should I reach out to customers via e-mail?

It’s challenging to assume that people check their e-mails more often than they do their social media. Still, studies show that e-mail marketing is 40 times more effective than social media marketing when done correctly.

Especially if you’re a small business working with a limited budget, e-mail marketing helps you build more a more direct and organic relationship with your potential customers because they allow your content into their inboxes.

When will I need influencers?

You will probably need help from influencers while your business is just starting, but big brands use them as well to sustain their broad presence. This is because influencers have that pull that no other marketing strategy has.

The thing is, influencer marketing is very dynamic, yet very accessible. In essence, you will probably leverage influencers at multiple points as you scale not to get left behind. Still, you can also tap influencers with varying degrees of influence if budget is a concern.

Sure, some businesses can do without a strong marketing strategy to start, but it’s better to have a grasp on how your customers behave earlier than later when you’ve already scaled.

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