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Safety on Site: Best Practices of Construction Workers to Minimize Risk

The construction business continues to grow as an industry. It is one of the surviving industries even in the current situation of the world. The industry has shown a recovery this year with promising growth. says that the construction business added over 100,000 jobs. This statement indicates that the construction industry is building its momentum in 2021.

One factor that keeps construction businesses running is the employees. They play a fundamental role in finishing more projects. They also help gather more clients for the companies by promoting quality work.

But how do companies take care of their employees? It starts with careful planning, followed by proper implementation of rules at the worksite. They have gathered a list of guidelines to improve a healthy and safe working environment. Here are some safety practices that your workers should observe on-site.

Ensure all employees undergo health and safety training

Health and safety training is always a need for workers before they start to work. This form of training teaches them the basic safety protocols they need on-site. It also includes emergency procedures and other ways to keep workers safe. It teaches the workers about the potential risks that may arise. The training also includes life-saving techniques and first aid.

Companies also include new health and safety protocols adapting to the new normal. Everybody can read through these safety guidelines on the OSHA website. It is a new way to provide safety awareness for workers amid the pandemic.

Ensure that workers wear and use proper equipment

Construction safety gear is customary for all workers in the field because it protects them from falling debris, collapsing floors, or even fire.

The primary gear used for construction includes hard hats, gloves, harnesses, and boots. But companies should also add more personal protective equipment (PPE) for extra protection. Other safety suits are now requested to avoid any infection with other workers.

Workers also put plastic sheeting in their workplaces. The sheeting prevents anyone from possible contact with other employees. This method is for those who show signs or symptoms of infection.

Check correct scaffolding construction

Scaffolding is used to climb up tall structures. It is the first piece of equipment to reach high ceilings. Workers also use it to paint hard-to-reach walls.

One way to assure the safety of your workers is to check the scaffolding construction. Workers always look and see if the scaffolding is aligned. They also check if the bolts used to assemble the scaffolding are still in good condition. Some workers even put some adhesive to those bolts to keep them from wiggling.

Put large and clear signs in the workplace

Some accidents happen because of unclear or tiny signs in the workplace. Workers might not understand the signs that lead them to trouble. Construction signs affect the flow of work. It provides instructions on where to go and keeps workers aware of safety precautions.

Putting large and clear signs can prevent anyone from committing an accident. The best way to make a sign is to choose a yellow background and print the words in black. Choosing this color combination makes the signage easy to read, even in dark places.

Some materials used for this signage are luminescent. The material glows in the dark like those worn by firemen. It is easy to see and keeps the workers aware anytime.

Promote open communication

Construction workers may work independently on high-rise edges of the building. Sometimes, they are working alone and are unable to reach. They may isolate themselves in high places that they cannot hear someone from a distance. An effective way to keep communication at bay is to provide radios to workers. Radios allow workers to alert anyone from distant areas. It also helps them reach the central hub in case there is an emergency. There are headsets available that workers can use. These headsets allow them to speak without holding the radio. It is a safe way to practice while working.

Inspect the tools and equipment

Construction workers always use tools and equipment for their work. Thus, these tools and equipment are at risk of getting worn out. Some equipment may malfunction if not inspected.

Experts suggest conducting a regular inspection of tools and equipment. It prevents possible accidents associated with tools that can be dysfunctional. A regular inspection can also prompt business owners to replace broken tools. This kind of practice can help avoid future problems.

Construction workers are prone to accidents. Thus, safety should always come first. There would be no buildings and facilities that people could use if it were not for these brave men. Taking care of your workers means taking care of your business.

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