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Three Signs It’s Time to Move

No house is perfect. There are often problems hidden between its walls that only professionals can spot. There are also projects that you can do so it would be suited to your preference. While a remodel or a renovation can make a house feel brand new, there are also instances when it’s beyond repair. You may be better off checking the market and applying for a mortgage rather than fixing something that can’t be helped.

Here are three signs that it’s time to change addresses:

Dangerous Property Problems

Minor issues such as drainage, plumbing, and doors that won’t close can be a sign of a more serious problem. Don’t let ignore it or use temporary solutions. There may be deep-seated cracks that are especially dangerous during earthquakes and floods.

If you’ve been experiencing the same thing over and over again, it’s best to hire a professional. Licensed engineers and home inspectors can tell you if your minor plumbing issue is actually a sign of foundation damage. Some foundation problems are so serious that it may need a demolition rather than a repair. When that happens, it’s obviously time to move.

Besides structural damage, there’s also another type of dangerous foundation problem. Termites and mice can form nests and destroy your house’s foundation. Because they can squeeze through tiny holes, they can also be staying between your walls. If no action is done, it can worsen from an embarrassing problem to a health hazard. To help an infestation problem, you can clean more thoroughly after meals. Crumbs and leftovers attract pests of all kinds. You can also set up traps and seal any holes. But the best way to get rid of bug problems is to hire an exterminator. They know how to find nests that can be hidden beneath surfaces. They also use effective pesticides that are safe to use indoors.

Neighborhood Issues


Even if you rarely spend time at home, it’s good to stay updated about the events in your neighborhood. Have a chat with your neighbors and make friends with the employees at the nearby stores. You can also stay updated using your area’s local social media pages and news channels. You may not know it but there may be issues in your neighborhood.

A rise in crime rate can be especially dangerous for households with kids. Although, there is a chance that the trend is seasonal. According to figures by the National Bureau of Economic Research, as the temperature increases, so does the chances of crimes. However, if it continues, it might be time to consider a different neighborhood.

Besides the safety issue, bad crime rate can translate to a low property value. A 2012 report has found that a 10% reduction in criminal cases can lead to an almost 1% increase in value. Also, an area that has a bad reputation is an instant red flag for home buyers. While your property may have great features at a reasonable price, it won’t matter. Before things go further south, get a head start and contact a real estate agent.

Professional Changes

If you’ve received an enticing job offer but the office is far away, it might be better to move. No matter how nice your house is, it won’t mean much if you spend more time commuting every day rather than staying in. Besides, it can actually save you more money in the long run. Gas and car maintenance can cost a sizable dent in your budget. If you move closer to your workplace, you’ll save money and time. Plus, you can put your property up for rent or lease so the money can pay for your new house.

For households with kids, schools are also important factors to consider. There might be schools that are better for your child than their current ones. You can go on the Department of Education’s website to check the ratings of any public school. You should also visit the school itself to get an accurate impression.

Living near a good school is a good investment in more ways than one. Your kids will get a good education. In turn, this can lead to better chances of getting accepted in a good university. It can also help increase a property’s value. A 2015 survey has found that homes in good schools districts are a priority for home buyers.

You don’t have to settle in your current home if you don’t want to. Instead of saving money, it might actually cost you more to stay due to repairs and other issues. Consult a professional, do research, and think of the big picture before you decide to stay or move.

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